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12 & under State Champs

12 & under State Blog

All Triton Coaches are so proud on how everyone did this last weekend at 12 & under state champs. Triton finished 2nd overall with a score of 1860! We finished only 393 points behind first place! This has been the best finish yet! Our 12 under girls finished first overall with a score of 1244! They won by a total of 583! Biggest margin of victory in very long time. Our 12 unders boys had the best performance ever for Triton! They Finished second with 616 points! Triton had many high point winners between age groups. This is very encouraging and us coaches can’t wait to see what the future holds for all these swimmers!

High Point Winners:

10 Under girls: Charlotte Dawkins- 1st

10 under girls: Lana Shapero-2nd

12 Under Girls: Bella McWhorter-1st


AGP-12& Under State Championships-

What a finish to the 2021-22 Short Course season for our 11 & 12 swimmers! We are so proud of every 11 & 12 AGP swimmer as well as all the 12 & Under Triton swimmers! All that hard work in December, January and February paid off as AGP came in stronger than ever yet again on Sunday finals after a time change and 3 days of very fast swimming. Just about everyone in AGP got personal best times in their events.

The weekend started off with RED HOT RACING the 500 free and 200 IMs. Saturday didn’t disappoint either as we produced more personal bests and swam even faster at finals. The best prepared swimmer often wins more than the fastest swimmer and we knew this would be about preparation going into the meet. Some highlights include Bella McWhorter winning 11 & 12 Girl High Point and narrowly missing a Sectional cut by .4 in the 100 free! Linnea Shapero dropped 7 seconds in her 200 IM and 11 seconds in her 500 free all on Friday night! Lucy Evans dropped 12 seconds in her 500 free to grab a time of 5:32 placing 2nd overall. Amelia Jackson qualified for the 100 breast finals on Sunday and came back on the last day of the meet dropping 2 seconds off her qualifying time. Kate Schardein had a solid meet, dropping 2 seconds in her 500 free to a 6:00.00. She dropped 1 second off her 200 free time and made finals. We were proud of her effort at Champs as she swam hard all weekend. Madeline Peyton dropped 3 seconds in her 500 free on Friday night, she also dropped 4 seconds in her 200 free making finals. She dropped below 1:00 in her 100 free for the first time all season.

Aiden Albritton dropped 8 seconds in his 200 IM on Friday as well as a blistering 20 seconds in the 500 free! He also dropped nearly 3 seconds in his 100 back and 6 seconds in his 200 free. Paxton Boyd dropped nearly 3 seconds in his 500 free and nearly 1 second in his 200 free. Paxton swam a solid meet and we are proud of his effort. Robbie Burgin dropped 4 seconds in his 200 IM and nearly 2 seconds in his 100fly. He dropped 4 seconds in the 200 free and the 100 free. Great job Robbie! Colby Johnson dropped 5 seconds in his 200 IM, 8 seconds in his 500 free on Friday night. He dropped nearly 5 seconds in his 100back!

At the beginning of the year, I asked AGP to think about the question: “what type of swimmer are you?” The answers became apparent this past weekend for each of them, but I saw a group of swimmers who were: Relentless, Hardworking, and Team Oriented. Great job AGP! #ALLIN


My first EVER state meet and I think my gold kids did amazing!!!!! We ended up with 21 swimmers from gold at state. There were a bunch of best times, and a ton of medals received. We had two high point winners, Charlotte Dawkins & Lana Shapero (congrats!) I had such a fun time at the meet, and I hope the kids did as well! The Triton girls got FIRST place and the Triton boys got SECOND!! I am so proud of all they achieved this season. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to coach such a great group of kids. GO TRITON!

We had 21 Swimmers do 101 events with 73 BEST TIMES (72.3%).

State Swimmers:

Asher Albritton, Logan Brown, Ava Cohen, Abigail Coty, Molly Dailey, Charlotte Dawkins, Isabella Freeland, Christian Goshorn, Anna Grugel, Marko Kristo, Jamie Lewis, Collin Liu, Owen Mayes, Emerson Northup, Luke Northup, Kai Page, Evy Seifert, Lana Shapero, Zander Vlahos, Rory Wildman, Zoe Zheng

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

Abigail Coty, Molly Dailey, Anna Grugel, Marko Kristo, Kai Page

Swimmers who made finals: 13

Asher Albritton, Molly Dailey, Charlotte Dawkins, Christian Goshorn, Anna Grugel, Marko Kristo , Jamie Lewis, Emerson Northup, Kai Page, Evy Seifert, Lana Shapero, Rory Wildman, Zoe Zheng


Silver had a great a weekend overall while swimming in the state champs! We had 12 swimmers qualify and everyone did an awesome job. We started the weekend off on Friday with Zack Vlahos swimming in the 200 IM. He was the only 8 year old swimming that event and dropped 6 seconds finishing with a time of 3:09.36!

Saturday morning the swimmers walked into Mary T very excited and all with smiles on their face. It was a great thing to see so early in the morning for them. Saturday we had 11 swimmers swim their individual events. With 3 swimmers making it back Saturday night in finals. Those 3 swimmers were Campbell Brown, Victoria Pritchard, and Zack Vlahos. They all improved their seed times and moved up spots and scored us points. Saturday night we also had relays. The girls relay finished 9th overall and the boys finished strong with a 5th place.

Sunday morning all silver swimmers came walking into the meet looking excited but I did notice they looked very tired. But once the meet started all silver swimmers swam great. We had 6 silver swimmers qualify for finals, those swimmers are Claire Liu, Stella Jett, Bricen Pechauer, Victoria Pritchard, Zack Vlahos, and Carter Schardein. These swimmers knocked it out Sunday night and I couldn’t be more proud how they ended the year. Sunday morning also featured the 200 Medley relay. Those kids swam so great and everyone who swam got a medal finishing in the top 8!

All the silver swimmers put in great work all season long and it paid off. I can’t wait to get the long course season and see how everyone does by Mid July and another state Champs!


Bronze had 1 swimmer qualify for the state champs. That was Aubrey McWhorter. This was the first time she has every qualified for State champs. She was very excited to be swimming her first ever state meet. She qualified for the 50 back and placed 18th overall. Her bonus event of the 100 back she knocked it out and dropped 8.90 seconds. Finishing with a 1:30.73!

Aubrey did end up getting her first ever medal in the girls 10 under Medley relay on Sunday morning with the relay finishing in 7th overall! With this being her first state champs she powered through and she can’t wait to get more state cuts!

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