8 Under State Champs

8 Under State Champs

Saturday afternoon between prelims and finals we saw the future of Triton put on a great show at Mary t with our 8 Unders swimmers! Even though this wasn’t a meet that was scored Coach Abbie and Coach Jack saw everyone swim with their hearts out! We had 16 swimmers from Pre-Comp, Bronze, and Silver group swim.

There were 18 events swum in this session and all the swimmers swam great! future is so bright with all these 8 unders swimmers. Closing the meet with the 100 IM was very difficult for most of these swimmers. Seeing them get up and swim fast and finishing on a strong note was great to see!

Here is how everyone did with the top from every event.

Girls 50 free:

Emma kellie-3rd

Madison Couch- 4th

Adalyn knight- 5th

Boys 50 free:

Sean Northup-5th

Rex Shieh-8th

Girls 25 free:

Kinlee Ropple-2nd

Charley Dicken: 4th

Boys 25 free:

Sean Northup-1st

Girls 50 back:

Hannah Kannapel-4th

Boys 50 back:

Rex Shieh

Girls 25 back:

Emma Kellie-3rd

Madison Couch: 4th

Adalyn Knight: 6th

Kinlee Ropple: 8th

Boys 25 back:

Sean Northup: 1st

Boys 50 breast:

Rex Shieh: 8th

Girls 25 breast:

Kinlee Ropple- 1st

Adalyn Knihgt:3rd

Charley Dicken: 4th

Charlotte Bohannon: 7th

Nora Schoen: 8th

Girls 50 fly:

Emma Kellie: 2nd

Madison Couch:4th

Girls 25 fly:

Madison Couch:1st

Emma Kellie:2nd

Adalyn Knight: 3rd

Charley Dicken: 4th

Nora Schoen: 5th

Kinlee Ropple: 6th

Boys 25 Fly:

Sean Northup: 2nd

Girls 100 IM:

Emma Kellie: 3rd

Kinlee Ropple: 5th

Madison Couch: 7th

Adalyn Knight:8th

Boys 100 IM:

Sean Northup: 3rd

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