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Carmel Fall Frenzy!

1. National

a. The National Team delivered a lot of big performances. The group combined to achieve 59.0% personal records. Cason Henderson walked away from the meet with 100% best times. The group achieved 20 new Open Cuts for 13&O State. Elizabeth Frericks achieved her first ever Senior Sectional cut when she dropped nearly 3 seconds in the 200 back. Ethan Highley and Trent Kolter each added an event to their list of Senior Sectional cuts as well. Lily Jones, Trent Kolter, Cason Henderson, and Keegan Henderson tallied up 12 new-to-them Summer Sectional time standards. Reaching the highest level this weekend was Keegan and Cason in the 200 fly as they both swam under the NCSA Junior National Bonus cut. Last, but not least, Congratulations to Jack Youdes for winning a "Speedo Hot Heat."

2. Senior 1

a. Congratulations to the 12 Senior 1 swimmers who swam in Indy. 7 of the 12 went 100 best times with everyone going at least 1 best time. 100 % swimmers include Adam Tichy, Ben Wafford, Travis Heuke, Curtis Feller, Sarah Catherine Dawson, Grant Stromquist, and Dane Bruenderman. Most improved swimmer at the meet was Ben Wafford for the men and Sarah Catherine Dawson for the girls. Support from one another was superior. Lets stay healthy and get ready for Fishers!

3. Senior 2

a. The Senior II Training Group had a great meet at the Carmel Fall Frenzy! 7 swimmers were represented at the meet with having 45% lifetime best time swims. Congratulations to Ryan Miller on going 8 for 8 on lifetime best. The 2 seniors in high school Emily Kuprion and Kalin Ternbarge both showed incredible improvement from the Jack Thompson meet in areas such as start, turns and technique. Their leadership and willingness to improve daily will pay off big at the FAST Santa Claus Classic. The training group has shown a lot of improvement and seems to trusting the process in finding great success!

4. AGP

a. The Age Group Performance Training Group had some incredible swims and team spirit throughout the weekend. There were several top 8 swims throughout the weekend with posting 60% lifetime best swims by the 17 swimmers in attendance. Congratulations to the following swimmers on going 100 % lifetime best at the meet – Ian Beierle, Jack Bolyard , Hartley Brinkmoeller and Drew Collis! Way to go to the following scoring in the top 8 in several swims – Rley Auton, Hartley Brinkmoeller, Larkin McCubbin, Hanna Schmidt and Kaylee Vander Velden! Let’s keep it up and continue to trust the process in finding great success!

5. Senior Prep

a. Senior Prep had a solid meet. The 3 individuals representing the group combined to achieved 55.5% personal best times. "Mighty" Molly Melloan lead the way getting best times in every race she swam.

6. Gold

a. It was a great meet and all the kids swam with a great technique, we are proud of the work that they put in every event and how much they enjoy to be in the water and have FUN in their races!

1 New Team Record: CONGRATULATIONS JACK BORRAGA - 100 Breastroke 10 & Under Boys, New Record 1:18.81!!! Bella McWhorter - Best swimmer, she won 5 races and was 2nd in 1. 97 Best times of 119 events (81%), 15 New State Cut!

7. Silver

a. What a great meet up in Indy this last weekend. I am so proud for all the swimmers who swam. What stood out to me the most was how prepared the Silver swimmers were right when they dove in. Really good streamlines and awesome underwaters. 11 Silver swimmers swam and all 11 had at least 1 Best time. 6 out of the 11 had 100 % best times in every event. This is a great and awesome job to everyone. The team support all around the pool deck was great to see!

8. Bronze

a. Wow!!!! That’s all that can be said. This was an awesome meet for the Bronze group. 9 swimmers swam 51 races. In those races we had 8 first time swims, and 37 best times, for 73% best times!! We had people doing racing dives and flip turns correctly for the first time in competition. That’s a big deal when you are still learning. The accomplishments in the group were amazing. Looking at the quality of swims our swimmers swam, we had many coaches asking who these guys are. The answer is obvious, we are Triton Swimming!! Way to go Bronze Group!

9. Pre-Comp

a. A great meet for the younger swimmers! We had 4 athletes swim 15 races. Every swimmer swam at least one lifetime best time. Some first-time swims were swam with great results. Looking into the team area while they were waiting to swim, I saw many happy faces, kids dancing, and teammates enjoying each other’s company. It was awesome to see the bonding that happened between the groups. Give a shout out to Bryce Ballerstedt, he was one of the youngest swimmers in the entire meet, and he swam 3 best times!

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