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Carmel Fall Frenzy

Carmel Fall Frenzy!

Carmel Fall Frenzy!

This past weekend, Team TRITON traveled to Indianapolis, IN. We competed at the historic IUPUI Pool. The swimmers had an excellent meet with many top drops. As a team, we ended up in 3rd place combined.

Team Scores

  1. Carmel Swim Club – 9,269.5

  2. Cincinnati Marlins – 1,745

  3. TRITON Swimming – 1,742


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 54%

  • I am very proud of the training group performances. There were so many swims at best times or/right at personal best. We did a 3-day rest for the group. Performances showed up and attitudes were great! We should be awesome for the December meets!

Biggest Time Drops

  • Curtis Feller – 500 Free @ 5.99

  • Ethan Lindeman – 200 Free @ 5.18

  • Ethan Lindeman – 200 IM @ 7.19

100% Club

  • Ethan Lindeman

Meet Highlights from Coach Mike

Cason Henderson – 200 Fly – Dropping 1.70 a personal best time while going after the Winter Junior National Cut. It was so exciting to see everyone get up for him to cheer while racing.

  • Ethan Lindeman – 200 Free – Dropping 5.18 a personal best time while making his Senior Sectional Cut.

  • Elizabeth Frerick – 100 Fly – Dropping 0.48 a personal best time! Her smile was awesome after the race!

  • Jake Lundquist challenging the ROCK to race a 50 Free!


Download PDF • 714KB

Senior II

The Senior II group showed up and showed off how hard they have been working since the Fishers meet. A lot of the detail work is starting to surface within their performances. Friday of the meet started off with two great 1650's by Addison Lilly and Bill McMinn. Then, later Friday evening, the group posted 90% best times in the 400 IM and 500 Freestyle session. Saturday and Sunday continued to maintain that momentum finishing off with a fantastic weekend of racing. Coach Jack and I are happy to see that each swimmer is noticing that they can continue to improve on the "little" things such as underwater work, when to breathe and how much to breathe in different points of our races, overall stroke technique, and race strategies. We are looking forward to continuing working on "process goals" to reach our outcome goals leading into the December meets.

First time swimming in a Short Course meet as a Triton:

Karter Graves

Swimmers with 100% best times:

Mateo Augusti

Keegan Sheehan

Griffin Soph

Alex Fraiser

Notable Achievements:

Bill McMinn - 13-14 State Cut in the 100 Fly, Open State Cut in the 1650 Freestyle

Mateo Augusti - 13-14 State Cuts in the 500 Freestyle and the 200 IM

Sara Frericks - Open State Cuts in the 500 Freestyle and the 200 Breaststroke

Karter Graves - 13-14 State Cut in the 200 Breaststroke

Swimmer of the Meet:

Ava Grazziani scored 82.5 points for Triton Swimming over the weekend. Ava also achieved Open State Cuts in the 500 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, and the 200 Freestyle. It was Ava's first time swimming the 200 Backstroke in competition making that a pretty special accomplishment. Great job Ava! keep up the hard work.

Senior III

The Senior III group was well represented by four strong young women at the Carmel Fall Frenzy Meet. Amy Ashby Roma, Rinad Mohamed and Sabrina Paul each posted some very good results, but, leading the way with 100% best times was Scarlett Diniz. Congratulations to all of you. We are really pleased with how each of you handled yourselves in such a challenging environment.

AGP: IUPUI Natatorium-Triton swimmers from the AGP practice group stormed Indianapolis again for the Fall Frenzy. We had some great swims from all the swimmers. Plenty of time drops but lots of grit and tenacity to find a way to get on the wall first.

Friday started off with Paxton Boyd dropping 16 seconds in the 500 free and Robbie Burgin dropped 4.38 seconds to earn one of 3 KY State cuts this weekend.

Saturday morning started off with Jameson Seraphine dropping close to 3 seconds in the 100 fly, 3.76 seconds in his 100 breast on Sunday and grabbing a KY State cut in the last event of the weekend…the 50 free! Jackson Brown continued to drop time in most of his 13-14 age group events and Eli Mays is the owner of a 17.39 second drop in the 200 free. Ryann Thompson 2.30 seconds in her 200 free and almost 4 seconds in her 100 breaststroke.

The afternoon session started off with the 200 free. Jake Mattingly dropped almost 17 seconds, Grace Dicken dropped almost 13 seconds, Bella McWhorter who celebrated her birthday on Sunday (12!) dropped 3 seconds, Jack Ballerstedt also dropped almost 13 seconds, Guy Proctor who also celebrated a birthday (13!) on Sunday, dropped 13 seconds, Kate Schardein dropped just about 3 seconds to earn her second KY State cut in the 200 free, Harper Lawson dropped 13.78 seconds in her 200 free, Amelia Jackson dropped nearly 7 seconds in her 200 free, and Colby Johnson dropped 28 seconds in his 200 free to also grab one of his two KY State cuts. Linnea Shapero dropped time in her 100 back and her 50 free and Jack Borraga who also celebrated a birthday (13!) on Sunday dropped nearly 6 seconds in the 100 back.

AGP came ready to swim! On Sunday we found a way to return for the final session to swim well. We swam fast, we swam hard, and most importantly, we swam TOGETHER. As we talk about what Excellence means in our team meetings, we learn that it can always be done just a little better. Our Best is the Standard on Triton and in AGP! Go Team Triton……#ALL-IN

Silver: What a great swim for all of the silver swimmers. Even though we didn’t have to many swimmers I came away super impressed from what I saw during the meet. For some of the silver swimmers it was their first meet of the season and some others it was their 3rd. I love seeing how everyone is improving on their turns and finishes. Learning at this age and getting ready for longer events can be challenging for some. Seeing how everyone has improved from the first meet to now is awesome!

1. 100 % best time: Tyani Cruz, Cooper Sutherland, and Reb turner

2. First Triton meet: Beckham Graham

3. Biggest Time Drop: Henry Dicken in the 200 IM


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 75%

  • The training group did a great job by bringing a lot of energy. They kept Coach Mike on his toes! It was a small group with Bryce Ballerstedt, Charley Dicken, Aubrey McWhorter, Elaina Saing and Charles Tackett.

Biggest Time Drops

  • Charley Dicken – 50 Fly @ 5.84

  • Charles Tackett – 25 Back @ 5.94

  • Charles Tackett – 25 Fly @ 5.91

100% Club

  • Charley Dicken

  • Aubrey McWhorter

  • Charles Tackett

Meet Highlights from Coach Mike

Aubrey McWhorter – 50 Breast – 1st Place – a personal best time and dropping 1.23 – Great Job!

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