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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

NAC Music City Invitational Blog

Team TRITON traveled to Nashville with 19 swimmers. It was a great meet for all of the swimmers. The team finished in 10th place scoring 502.5 points.

We had 2 team records broken by:

Cason Henderson in the 15&Over Boys 200 Fly @ 1:50.99

Hanna Schmidt in the 13-14 Girls 200 IM @ 2:08.65.


Training Group Percentage of Best Time @ 83%

100 % Club

· Cutis Feller

· Jack Youdes

Biggest Time Drops

· Curtis Feller – 400 IM – 5.35

· Adam Tichy – 1650 Free – 16.00

· Adam Tichy – 500 Free – 12.90

Meet Highlights from Coach Mike

· Cason Henderson – 200 Fly going 1:50.99 and inching ever so close to the Junior National Cut @ 1:50.79…. We get this by Huntsville!

· Adam Tichy – 1650 Free on Sunday and seeing his teammates get up and cheer for him during this grueling event

· Ben Wafford and Curtis Feller racing each other in the 200 Breast on Sunday night.

Music City Invite

Senior 1:

Kaylee had a great 200 back and 200 fly. Colin had a super 50 free, 100 free, and 100 back. Not being at the meet I just talked with the swimmers and ask them what they felt they did great on. Here is what they had to say. They all feel that their under waters work is better and look forward to long course training over the holiday break schedule.

Hanna was happy about her 200 fly and 200 IM. breaking the team record in the 200 IM without even knowing. Meyer was very pleased with his 200 free, 200 fly, and 100 free. He had good breakouts and in the 200 back also. Ian was very pleased with his 200 breast, 100 back and 100 breast. He wants to practice more on his race pace for 200 breast.

Senior II

Mateo Augusti and Bill McMinn represented the Senior II Group down at the Music City Invitational in strong fashion. Mateo swam best times in the 50, 100, 200, and 500 freestyle events. Mateo made it to finals in the 50 free helping to earn points for the team. Bill had personal best times in the 100, 500, and 1650 freestyles. Bill broke 18 minutes for the first time in the mile and earned a 13-14 State Cut in the 100 freestyle. Awesome job down there boys!


Nashville swimmers dropped time in most of their events and most made finals which was very exciting. Paxton Boyd dropped 5.30 seconds in his 500 free, Colby Johnson dropped 4.56 seconds in his 200 free and Robbie Burgin dropped 1.52 seconds in his 100 fly! Great job guys!

Bella McWhorter tied the 200 free Triton team record after dropping 3.50 seconds! Way to go Bella! She also dropped 2.65 seconds in the 100 fly and 1.14 seconds in the 100 free placing first in Nashville in most of her events.

Amelia Jackson attended the Nashville meet and while she swam hard, she didn’t drop time in her events. However, she was down at UofL on Sunday after returning from Nashville to cheer on her teammates! Thank you, Amelia! WE loved seeing your Team Triton spirit and love for your teammates. #ALLIN

Cardinal Christmas Classic Blog

Team TRITON Swims to a 3rd place finish this past weekend at the Ralph Wright Natatorium.

Team Scores

1st – Summit City Aquatics – 2,891.00

2nd – Cardinal Aquatics – 2,357.50

3rd – TRITON Swimming – 2,146.50


Elizabeth Frericks was the only National team representative at the meet. I am so proud of her on she got tougher throughout the meet!

Meet Highlights from Mike – Great Job Elizabeth!

· 5th – 100 Back

· 7th – 100 Free

· 5th – 200 Back

Senior 1.

Senior 1 swimmers enjoyed a good meet and have Elisabeth Frericks a triton Senior captain swim with them over the weekend. Elizabeth a swimmer a Senior at Manuel High school brought her beautiful smile and encouragement and team spirit this last weekend. Her best swims were the finals of the 50 free and 100 free. She had better tuns and breakout speeds. Riley had a super 100 free and 200 fly. She is working on longer breakouts kicks especially for her backstroke events. Evan was on point with all his swims. His underwater work is so impressive it led him to many final swims. Watching him race with the same intensity as he trains and going best times was just awesome. Jack Bolyard was 100 % best times. Beginning with the 1650 where he dropped 1:33.3. His 200 IM also was impressive as he dropped 5.81. hard work and 100 % attendance is paying off. Alexandar had a beautiful 200 fly and won barf- backs after a best time in the finals of the 100 back. Thanks to him for being a great leader and teammate. Drew had another stellar meet with his 100 breast and the finals for his 200 IM was just awesome. We wish him the best of luck in his upcoming ACT. Sarah C got the underwaters going in the 200 back and 200 fly. Much better take out speed in finals that led to a best time. With the air quality so poor the last day I know she was really struggling to break but she powered through it and I am so proud of her. Greg was 100 % best times and is still a work in progress. As he continues to work on finding the best bodyline. Foot placement, and best number of kicks off each wall. He is like a sponge trying to soak up all the info he can about how to be fast and more efficient. Everett started the meet with the Mile. He dropped almost a minute and achieved a best time. He finished off the meet with a powerful 100 fly breaking 58 seconds and another best time. Masha swam events she has not swam in or it had been a while. She swam a state cut in the 400 IM, dropped a minute in the 500 free and then went best times in the 100 fly, 200 IM, and 200 back. Her attendance is getting better and her swims reflect that more. TY had a breakout swims in the 100 and 200 free and 400 IM. TY is continuing to work on his technique and underwater work. He is always open to try different things in an effort to be faster. He has such a positive attitude and pleasure to coach. Jack Westfall bounced back from being sick on Saturday to going all best times on Sunday. His 200 free, 100 back, and 50 free were great to see. I hope to see him more during the holidays.

Senior II

What a fantastic weekend from the Senior II group. Their desire to swim makes it so easy and fun to coach. The group is really taking on a "win" or "learn" mentality. We celebrate the victories no matter how big or small, yet, turn around a learn from our miss-steps. We are really starting to make big strides towards accomplishing some great things. Keep up the great work gang!

Best times in every event:

Hartley Brinkmoeller

Sara Frericks

Ava Grazziani

100% Best times (best time every time they got onto the blocks):

Steven Bridgmohan

Karter Graves

Adam Hetman

New Achievements:

Hartley Brinkmoeller - 13-14 Sate Cut in the 400 IM

Sara Frericks - Open State Cut in the 100 Breaststroke

Karter Graves - 13-14 State Cut in the 100 Breaststroke

Emily Morrow - Open State Cut in the 1650 Freestyle

Addi Nussbaum - Open State Cut in the 200 Breaststroke

Swimmer of the Meet for the Senior II Group:

Ava Grazziani - Ava swam a best time in each of her events. Her big accomplishment of the weekend was very special. Ava earned her first Senior Sectional Cut, swimming the 100 Backstroke in 1:00.69. This was a huge ice breaker for herself and the rest of the group. Now we know that with consistent hard work and determination the entire group is capable of getting to this level. Who's going to be next? Thank you Ava for leading the way. And Congratulations!!

Senior III

The Senior III Group did a wonderful job this weekend at the Christmas Classic meet. They've worked so hard in their training and remained focused as we tapered for the meet. They were confident about getting up on the blocks and racing. Yes, there were some nerves to get over on a few races, but after swimming those events, it seemed like their confidence boosted even higher. I really enjoying watching the improvements this group makes from meet to meet. Let's keep things going!

100% Best Times at the meet:

Amy Ashby Roma

Emma Christensen

Andrew Davis

Jack Pechauer

New National Motivational Time Achievements:

Isabelle Bodart - "B" time in the 100 backstroke

Andrew Crothers - "B" time in the 100 freestyle and "BB" time in the 50 freestyle

Andrew Davis - "B" times in the 100 backstroke and the 100 freestyle

Madison Duffee - "B" time in the 50 freestyle

Alex Roy - "B" times in the 200 and 500 freestyles

Swimmer of the Meet for Senior III:

Amy Ashby Roma - Amy went 8 for 8 best times at the meet and achieved "B" times in the 400 IM, 200 backstroke, and 200 freestyle as well as a "BB" time in the 50 freestyle. her consistent hard work surely paid off. Way to go Amy!


Cardinal Classic swimmers also dropped significant time in their events with most AGP swimmers making finals. Aiden Albritton racked up a State Cut in the 100 breast dropping 10.53 seconds. Jack Ballerstedt grabbed the 100 free State Cut by dropping 3.22 seconds. Jack Boraga dropped time in his 200 IM as well as his 100 fly. Great effort Jack!

Jackson Brown grabbed 3 KY State Cuts over the weekend, dropping time in his 200 free, 200 IM, and 100 Back. Grace Dicken grabbed two State Cuts in the 500 free, dropping 9.52 seconds, and the 200 IM dropping 4.20 seconds. And while she will age up in January, it is still important that she dropped time and gained momentum heading into her new age group. Harper Lawson dropped 21.81 seconds in her 100 breast and she dropped 7.74 seconds in her 200 IM to make one of her 3 finals appearances. She was able to finally break the 1:00 mark!

Jake Mattingly swam well, dropping 37.1 seconds in his 200 IM and 9 seconds in his 200 free. Eli Mays also dropped time in his 200 IM (5.35sec) and 3.5 seconds in the 100 back. Guy Proctor had a big drop of time in his 500 free Friday night, 37.98 seconds and he shaved off 4 seconds in the 200 IM. Jameson Seraphine grabbed 3 KY State Cuts while dropping time in the 100 free (1.8), the 200 free (5.5), and the 200 IM (2.78).

Linnea Shapero dropped 6.54 seconds in her 200 free, dropped 2.39 seconds in her 100 backstroke winning the event and finals Saturday night! She also dropped 2.26 seconds in the 100 free to break the 1:00 minute mark! She placed top 4 in all of her events with a NT entry into the meet.

Ryann Thompson made her first ever finals in the 100 butterfly dropping 4 seconds and she also dropped 4 seconds in her 200 IM. And finally, Paige White had a wonderful meet, dropping 9 seconds in her 100 breast, 8.6 seconds in her 100 fly and nearly 8 seconds in her 200 IM! Great Job Paige! And Great Job EVERYONE! You all swam FAST, you all swam TOGETHER, and you all swam SMART! Our BEST is the Standard in AGP and at Triton! #ALLIN


Gold swam SUPER FAST once again!! They continue to amaze me; dropping even more time on events they have already dropped time so far this season! It was our first prelim/final meet of the season, and I am proud of how many 11-12 year olds made it back at night! It is always a challenge coming back and swimming (some of all) events that they swam in the morning, but they embraced the challenge. This meet was definitely a little hectic, but I believe we came out victorious. There were a lot of improvements in technique and race strategy. Most swimmers put their head down and didn’t breathe in the flags, which I am so happy about!! We have been working on that. Though, I still think there is room to improve with being fast on turns & doing longer underwaters, but we will get there!! GO TRITON!

We had 35 Swimmers do 217 events with 155 BEST TIMES (71.4%).

State Cuts (new):

Logan Brown (100 BACK)

Charlotte Dawkins (100 BREAST)

Lucy Evans (50, 200, 500 FREE)

Jamie Lewi (100 FLY & 100 BACK)

Emerson Northup (100 FLY)

Luke Northup (100 FREE)

Madeline Peyton (200 FREE & 500 FREE)

Zander Vlahos (100 FLY)

Zoe Zheng (50 & 100 FLY, 100 FREE)

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

Asher Albritton

Abigail Cot

James Hu

Luke Northup

Evy Seifert

Kallie Vickers

Swimmers who swam in finals:

Joanna Bodart

Logan Brown

Ava Cohen

Molly Dailey

Lucy Evans

Chistian Goshorn

Anna Grugel

Owen Mayes

Kai Page

Madeline Peyton

Evy Seifert

Zander Vlahos

Rory Wildman


What a great weekend for all of the Silver swimmers who swam. Starting off with Friday night swims in the 200 IM and finishing the meet on Sunday with the 100 backs. Seeing how far each silver swimmer has improved since September is great! Being over by the team area during the meet was great to see how each swimmer interacted with others. Cheering each other on was awesome to see. We had many firsts for some swimmers. Polly White swimming her first 200 IM was awesome to see Friday night. Sunday morning Bricen Pechauer swimming his 200 free for the first time this year also and dropping over 25 seconds. And the youngest swimmer of the group Sean Northup swimming 100s for his first time ever and doing all his flip turns was great to see! We can only improve on this weekend and can’t wait to see what the second half of the season has in store for us.

Biggest time drops:

Bricen Pechauer: 200 free: -25.29

Finn Sherwood: 100 back: -18.41

100% best times:

Claire LIU

New State cuts: Zackary Vlahos- 50 fly


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 76%

100 % Club

· Annie Abate – AKA Bob

· Charolette Bohannon

· Leah Ferrell

· Caroline Hall

· Finley Huff

· Westin Jones

· Adalyn Knight

· Caroline Lauder

· Kinlee Ropple

· Elaina Saing

· Noah Taylor

Biggest Time Drops

· Leah Ferrell – 50 Fly – 16.52

· Kinlee Ropple – 50 Fly – 13.79

· Elaina Saing – 50 Back – 17.32

· Elaina Saing – 50 Breast – 14.78

· Elaina Saing – 50 Free – 18.77

· Noah Taylor – 50 Free – 21.13


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 77%

100% Club

· Andrew Coty

· James King

· Zoey Vlahos

Biggest Time Drops

· William Compton – 100 Free – 9.39

· Andrew Coty – 50 Free – 9.49

· James King – 50 Free – 8.79

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