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E’Town Summer Classic Blog

Team TRITON continues the 2021 Long Course Season with some strong performances. It can be seen by how our swimmers are out swimming other teams in the pool.

Let’s keep this rolling for the team!

All-IN to the Success for the program!


· Congratulations to Cason Henderson on winning the High Point Award for 15&Over Boys at the meet.

Swimmers with the Biggest Time Drops

· Curtis Feller – 200 Fly @ .9.27

· Elizabeth Frericks – 400 Free @ 11.27

Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 55% ~ Way to Go!

I am so proud of this group with just coming off a very hard week of work!

Senior 1

Greg saw Ian’s 100 back and was inspired to match or nest his time. Mission accomplished it was a great swim. He is continuing to work on his endurance for all the 200s and working on his start for the 50 free. Emma was an outside smoke in the 100 back and had a great 100 free in the relay. Keeping her shoulder in function and enjoying the final weeks of her swimming career. Aiden won the 1500 free. He is working on the middle portion of his 200s and 400s. Hanna was most pleased with her 100 breast, but her 200 IM, 200 BR, and 200 Back were also nice swims. She is still learning and training hard to have a super 400 im. Kaylee had a beautiful 200 fly under 3:00 for the first time. She is learning how to pace that race and how to finish the last 25. Ty went a best time in the 100 fly just missing the state cut, which we all know that he will get. Jack Westfall who is new to the group went all best times and I was impressed with his 100 back.

Attendance and communication are the most important elements to swimmer being the best they can be. We are only 6 weeks away from State Champs!

Senior II

This group continues to impress me with their competitive toughness. They are all so driven for their personal success but are also very encouraging for their teammates' success.

First time competing in a Long Course meet:

Ella Reif

100% Best Times:

Steven Bridgmohan

Notable Achievements:

Sara Frericks - Open State Cut in the 800 FR (also gives her the 1500 FR)

Madeline Haller - 13-14 State Cut in the 50 FR

Larkin McCubbin - 13-14 State Cut in the 50 FR

Addi Nussbaum - Open State Cut in the 100 BR

Senior II Swimmer of the Meet:

Emily Morrow for going three out of four best times and getting the Open State Cuts in the 200 BR and 800 FR (which also gives her the 1500 FR). Great job Emily!

Senior III

Senior III did a great job racing over the weekend. I really liked how much they got into competing against the competition and pushing themselves to new heights.

First time competing in a Long Course meet:

Karter Graves

David Joint

100% Best Times:

Emma Christensen

Hanna Christensen

Notable Achievements:

Emma Christensen - National Motivational "B" time in the 100 BR

Hanna Christensen - National Motivational "B" time in the 200 FR

Senior III Swimmer of the Meet:

Jack Pechauer for swimming eight out of nine best times and doing a great job on his first 400 IM! Keep working hard Jack!


· Congratulations to Bella McWhorter on winning the High Point Award for 11-12 Girls at the meet.

Swimmers with the Biggest Time Drops

· Jack Borraga – 100 Fly @ 16,23

· Bill McMinn – 400 Free @ 59.59

Swimmers picking up State Qualifying Times

· Jack Borraga – 100 Fly

· Grace Dicken – 200 IM

· Amelia Jackson – 50 Breast

· Bill McMinn – 100 Fly, 200 Fly, 400 IM, 800 Free

· Bella McWhorter – 50 Breast

Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 76% ~ Way to Go!


30 kids swam this meet, they all did a great job, it was so fun to see them racing and focusing on their strokes and race strategies during the weekend.

They swam 211 events, of which 153 (73%) were Personal Best Times

Seven swimmers got a 100% of Personal Best times during this meet:

Lucy Evans

VIctoria Chavez

Elizabeth Joynt

Jake Mattingly

Robbie Burgin

Jack Ballerstedt

Ella Ratterman

The kids got 22 New State Cuts, the swimmers with more cuts in this meet were:

Zander Vlahos - 6

Chase Khun - 4

We had 8 DQ's during this meet, we have to keep working on getting all strokes with perfect technique and be able to swim all the events legally.

Silver Group

Great job to all 11 silver swimmers who swam this last weekend in Etown! It was great seeing them race after the last meet and seeing everyone improve from their times! We had swimmers get more State A cuts for themselves. We also have many swimmers under 1 second of getting their state cut times! They have been training hard and we are so close to getting those cuts!

New state cuts:

Asher Albritton: 100 breast

Marko Kristo: 100 breast, 50 back, 50 breast, and 50 fly

Time drops:

Asher Albritton 100 breast

Edison Hu: 50 breast

Stella Jett: 50 back

Kinley Jones: 50 back

Jamie Lewis: 50 fly

Bricen Pechauer: 100 back

Finn Sherwood: 100 free

Zoe Zheng: 100 breast

First long course meet:

Violet Evans

Marko Kristo

Bronze & Pre-Comp

Meet Recap for Bronze & Pre-Comp from June 5 & 6, E-town Summer Classic.

What a great away meet. For many of the swimmers in Bronze and Pre-Comp this meet was their 1st meet not at Blairwood. We were dealing with some nerves, excitement, and the crazy weather of an E-town meet!

Everyone that swam in the meet did an amazing job. We had numerous best times and major time drops. Some of the most amazing time drops from the meet 2 weeks ago were the following: Henry Dicken 8 ½ seconds in 50 breast, Evie Flowers 7 ½ in 100 breast, Aubrey McWhorter 9 ½ in 100 back, Zackary Vlahos 18 ½ in 100 breast and 14 ½ in 50 fly, Drew Coty 21 ½ in 50 back, and Adelynn Craft 16 ½ in 50 breast.

We had many of the swimmers finish in the top 8 and receive ribbons for their great swims. Congratulations to Aubrey McWhorter and Zackary Vlahos for being the 8 & Under High Point winners of the meet!

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