Farewell Letter from Coach Mirko

To the entire Blairwood and Tritons families,

Throughout the 3 years that I had the opportunity to work as a Swim Instructor at Blairwood and the SwimAmerica Program and as a Coach in Triton Swimming, I felt like I was in my own family. The work team, colleagues, directors, bosses and all the staff in general were always willing to collaborate with me in everything that was necessary to be successful at work and to provide excellent service to customers.

It is a very inspiring philosophy and it allowed me to grow as a worker and especially as a human being, following the example of the owners, who day by day are together with all the workers, ensuring good and efficient service for all the clients. It has really been a very enriching experience and I am eternally grateful for the good treatment to me, and specially to my family, the shared experiences, the teaching and above all the trust and support to meet the objectives set.

Many times, we must make great efforts to keep our family together and our children healthy, it is for this reason that I have to leave Louisville, leaving a piece of my heart in Blairwood and the desire that everyone be preserved with the same joy and kindness to all the people forever.

God protects you and blesses you and all your families, remaining forever in a very special place in my life and I hope that one day we will meet again.

Thanks a lot,

Mirko Chavez and Family

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