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FAST Monster Splash Classic – Blog Post

During this past weekend, we opened the season with a quad meet with FAST Swimming, Carmel Swim Club and Irish Aquatics. The team had an excellent start to the season with a second-place finish!

FAST Swimming 11,825/TRITON Swimming 8,024/Carmel Swim Club 5,024/Irish Aquatics 4,364

Congratulations to Meyer Hitch with breaking the 13-14 Boys 50 Fly Team Record by going 25.22 ~ Way to Go!


Training Groups Percentage of Best Times @ 40%

· I am very proud of the training groups performance. They have come out of a very intense training phase. They were asked to embrace a heavy load of events in preparation for getting them ready for some FAST Swimming in December.

Biggest Time Drops

· Jack Youdes – 1000 Free @ 12.39

Meet Highlights from Coach Mike

· Cason Henderson – Posting a Best Time in the 200 Fly!

· Ethan Lindeman – Seeing him race for the first time as a TRITON Swimmer!

· Ryan Miller – Posting 6 Personal Best Times!

· Jonah Punnett – Posting 5 Personal Best Times!

· Jake Lundquist – Posting 6 Personal Best Times!

Senior 1:

The senior 1 swimmers began the season with a solid performance at the fishers meets. Drew Collis lead the way with 100% best times. As each swimmers discovered the key to a great short course season in fast and consistent underwaters. The senior 1 swimmers are transition from a more aerobic 50 meter course to a more anaerobic 25 yard pool. The transition is not easy and does not happen overnight. It requires attending all practices with a focus on improvements 4 speed and distance underwaters.

Kaylee was pleased with her 100 back and 200 IM. She is working towards better endurance.

Riley was pleased with her mile and 200 Back and will be working to better underwaters and her turns.

Colin was most pleased with his 100 free and will be working on his breathing.

Jett was most happy with his 100 free and 200 IM. He is working on his breathing for each event.

Alexander was pleased with his 200 fly. He will try to be more consistent in attendance fast underwaters.

Drew was excited about his 400 IM and 200 breast. He will be working on stroke count for all his strokes.

Jack had a super mile. He will be working on his hand entry in fly and all turns.

Luke was pleased with is 100 breast. He will be working on bodyline and his body line in turns.

Meyer had a super 500 and now with faster turns and breakouts he will be under 5:00.

Ty was pleased with his 200 fly and will be working to improve his underwaters

Travis enjoyed his 200 fly and will continue to work in all areas of his strokes.

Evan was happy with his 100 fly. He is going to continue to work on his 200 race pace.

Everett was pleased with his mile and 200 breast. He will be working on his 3rd 50 of each 200 stroke.

Senior 2:

The Senior II swimmers performed very well in Fishers. The biggest take away from the meet will be how much we learned about ourselves as to where we are right now. I think that if we look back at how we swam in October of last year and compare those times to where we were over the weekend everyone will see some remarkable improvements. I am excited to see the season play out.

First time swimming in a meet for Triton:

Lauren Green

100% Best times at the meet:

Mateo Agusti

Ava Grazziani

Bill McMinn

Notable Achievements:

Mateo Agusti - State Cuts: 50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 100 FL & 200 FL

Hartley Brinkmoeller - State Cut: 1650 FR

Bill McMinn - State Cuts: 200 FR, 500 FR, 1650 FR, 200 FL & 200 BK

Senior II Swimmer of the Meet:

Ava Grazziani - State Cuts: 50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 500 FR, 100 BK, 200 IM & 400 IM

Ava's goal driven mindset along with her competitive instincts allowed for her to have a great meet.

Senior 3:

Senior III had a really good meet this past weekend. I feel like a lot of very nervous swimmers walked away from the meet very much more confident in themselves. I was very proud of how everyone remained positive and were willing to give their best in every race.

First time swimming in a meet for Triton:

Ava Adams

Isabelle Bodart

Madison Duffee

Sabrina Paul

Emma Taylor

100% Best times at the meet:

Ella Dailey

David Joynt

Alex Roy

Notable Achievements:

Ella Dailey - Motivational "B" Times: 50 FR, 100 FR, 200 FR, 100 BR, 200 BR & 200 IM

Charlin Heneman - Motivational "B" Time: 100 FR

Alex Roy - Motivational "B" Times: 50 FR & 100 FR

Senior III Swimmer of the Meet:

Isabelle Bodart - Motivational "B" Times: 100 FR. 200 FR, 500 FR, 100 BK, 200 BK & Motivational "BB" Time: 50 FR

Isabelle was all smiles all weekend allowing all of her hard work that she has been doing at practice to shine bright.


Fishers, Indiana-AGP Started off the first meet of the season with a BANG! Kate Schardein dropped 47 seconds in the 500 free while Linnea Shapero dropped 10 sec in the 500 free. Robbie Burgin dropped over 3 seconds in his 200 IM Friday night and Paxton Boyd dropped over 6 seconds in his 200 IM.

AGP followed Friday night up with more fast swimming on Saturday. Paige White swam the 200 IM for the first time ever and she dropped over 16 seconds in the 100 fly and 34 in the 100 back! Colby Johnson dropped nearly 23 seconds in his 200 IM, nearly missing his 3rd 11-12 KY State Cut. Jake Mattingly dropped 10 seconds in the 100 fly and 19 seconds in the 100 breast to grab 2 of his 6 11-12 KY State Cuts while Grace Dicken dropped over 3 seconds in her 100 fly.

Sunday kicked off with Chase Kuhn dropping 13 seconds in his 200 free time, Ryann Thompson dropping 14 seconds in her 200 Free, Jack Ballerstedt dropping over 10 seconds in his 200 free and Jameson Seraphine dropping 21 seconds in his 200 free. Jackson Brown got the KY 13-14 state cut in the 100 breast Sunday, dropping over 7 seconds and he shaved 27 seconds off his 200 IM time. It was also a day of firsts for two AGP swimmers. Jack Borraga swam not only the 200 back for the first time, but he accompanied Aiden Albritton to swim the 400 IM for the first time! And they swam it FAST!

Overall we did a Great Job AGP! We still have to put in the work and improve in some areas but it's a great first meet. AGP coaches are super proud of all the swimmers. Everyone brought energy, focus, and excitement to the Fishers meet as you cheered each other on. Keep up the hard work as our BEST is the Standard in AGP! #ALL-IN Go Team Triton!


My first meet with Gold and I think they did astounding! Not only was there a ton of best times and state cuts, but their attitude ad energy was so positive. I had such a fun time and I hope the kids did as well! We had ZERO missed races! I’m so proud of the kids for paying attention and always asking if they should go line up behind the times. We have to continue to work on the little details, such as doing better underwaters, not breathing off the walls, and not being scared to go ALL OUT in every event.

We had 23 Swimmers do 170 events with 163 BEST TIMES (95.8%)!

State Cuts (new and renewed):

Asher Albritton (50, 100, & 200 FR, 50 & 100 FLY, 50 & 100 BACK, 200 IM)

Molly Dailey (50 BREAST)

Charlotte Dawkins (50, 100, & 200 FR, 50 & 100 FLY, 50 & 100 BACK, 200 IM)

Marko Kristo (50, 100, & 200 FR, 50 FLY, 50 & 100 BACK, 50 & 100 BREAST)

Jamie Lewis (50 & 100 BREAST, 50 BACK, 50 FREE)

Lana Shapero (50, 100, & 200 FR, 50 & 100 FLY, 50 BACK, 100 BREAST, 200 IM)

Zoe Zheng (50 & 100 BREAST, 50 & 100 BACK, 200 IM)

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

Asher Albritton

Joanna Bodart

Logan Brown

Ava Cohen

Abigail Coty

Molly Dailey

Charlotte Dawkins

Isabella Freeland

Ellie Giles

Anna Grugel

Elizabeth Joynt

Marko Kristo

Jamie Lewis

Brooke Miranda

Evy Seifert

Rory Wildman

Zoe Zheng


What a great first meet for everyone from the silver group! I am so pumped up on how everyone swam this last weekend. We had 11 new swimmers from the silver group who participated in their first ever triton meet! I am excited to see how the rest of the season to go and get back to work.

Swimmers first meet.

. Campbell brown

. Tyani Cruz

. Bella Hogue

. Clara King

. Emma King

. Lucas Shieh

. Rex Shieh

. Cooper Sutherland

. Reb Turner

. Polly White

. Zoya Yazdanpanah

We had 2 swimmers achieve state cuts in their events.

. Carter Schardein- 50 back

. Austin Shaheen- 50 free, 50 breast, 50 back, 100 breast, and 100 back.

Biggest time drop this last weekend was Stella Jett in the 100 fly dropping 29.09 seconds.

100 % best times this last weekend are:

. Riley Cohen

. Abby Dailey

. Nathan Hundley

. Emma Janes

. Mia Knight

. Claire Liu

. Lennox Robertson

. Austin Shaheen

. Zack Vlahos

Bronze Team:

Training Groups Percentage of Best Times @ 95%

100 % Club

· Bryce Balllerstedt

· Madison Couch

· Adelyn Craft

· Finley Huff

· Caroline Lauder

Biggest Time Drops

· Madison Couch – 100 Free @ 11.05

· Madison Couch – 100 IM @ 15.99

· Adelyn Craft – 50 Free @ 13.65

· Aubrey Dawkins – 100 Free @ 12.40

· Aubrey Dawkins – 100 IM @ 12.08

· Charley Dicken – 100 IM @ 18.48

· Adalyn Knight – 100 IM @16.25

The Future is Bright ~ #All-IN!

Pre-Comp Team:

Training Groups Percentage of Best Times @ 89%

· The following swimmers did a great job at the meet!

o Andrew Coty

o Maci Couch

o Lainey Craft

o Advik Kaithi

o James King

o Zoey Vlahos

100% Club

· Maci Couch

· Lainey Craft

Biggest Time Drops

· Maci Couch – 50 Free @ 11.86

The Future is Bright ~ #All-IN!

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