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KYA Autumn Classic

KYA Autumn Classic Blog!

TRITON Swimming goes back-to-back weekends with swimming in Lexington, KY. The team competed at the University of Kentucky Lancaster Aquatic Center. The following training groups of Senior 2, Senior 3, AGP, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pre-Comp had swimmers participating in a 3rd place combined team effort!

Team Scores:

  1. Kentucky Aquatics – 3,279.5

  2. Lexington Aquatics – 2,428.5

  3. TRITON Swimming – 1,862

Senior II

The Senior II group had two representatives and , wow, did they go to swim with a purpose! Hartley Brinkmoeller and Emily Morrow went to Lexington and swam well under all of their best times.

100% Best Times:

Hartley Brinkmoeller

Emily Morrow

Notable Achievements:

Emily Morrow - Open State Cut in the 1000 Freestyle (Dropped a little over 38 seconds)

Swimmer of the Meet for Senior II:

Hartley Brinkmoeller - swam in eight events over the weekend. Earned new 13-14 State Cuts in the 200 IM, 100 Freestyle, 200 Breaststroke, 200 Backstroke, and the 100 Breaststroke. Due to her performance in the 200 IM, Hartley earned a spot to compete in the "Mystery IM" at the end of Sunday's competition. Hartley's random order of strokes were: Fly, Back, Free, Breast. Congratulations to Hartley for being the Victor of the mystery IM. Great work, awesome weekend!

Senior III

The Senior III group had a great meet in Lexington. Everyone came away from the meet with at least one best time. Five individuals recorded 100% best times! This group has come a long way since the beginning of the season. I really enjoy their enthusiasm towards each other and their racing. Let's buckle down these next three weeks and get ready for our December meet.

First Time Swimming in a Meet for Triton:

Andrew Crothers

100% Best Times:

Charlie Heneman

David Joynt

Andrew Crothers

Paulo Conde

Andrew Davis

Notable Achievements:

Andrew Crothers - "BB" Motivational Time in the 50 Freestyle

Rinad Mohamed - "BB" Motivational Time in the 100 Butterfly

Isabelle Bodart - "BB" Motivational Times in the 500 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, and 200 Freestyle; "B" Motivational Time in the 100 Freestyle

Swimmer of the Meet for Senior III:

Charlie Heneman - swam all best times and reached Motivational "BB" Times in the 200 IM and 100 Breaststroke. Charlie has been working really hard at practice so it was great to see that hard work paying off. Way to go, Charlie!


AGP had two swimmers at the KYA Autumn Classic this past weekend. Bella Mcwhorter swam the 200 IM and the 500 free on Saturday and dropped nearly 5.52 seconds in the IM and 19.61 seconds in her 500 free!

Aiden Albritton swam a full weekend of events and he swam well both days. On Saturday, he dropped 1.27 seconds in his 100 fly and he finished the weekend strong by dropping 2 seconds in his 100 backstroke and a whopping 44 seconds in his 500 free on Sunday!

Excellent job Aiden and great swimming Bella! Triton Strong! #ALL-IN


Gold KILLED it once again. I am so proud of the hard work they have been putting into each and every practice; it is showing in their meet performances. The meet was a little chaotic with the two pools, three coaches, and about 100 swimmers but no one from gold missed their event (yay)! There were a bunch of new state cuts and more personal bests! I still think there is room to improve on our turns, coming off of our walls, and being positive about events that are not our best. But overall, I was happy with the results.

We had 31 Swimmers do 217 events with 162 BEST TIMES (75.7%).

State Cuts (new):

Asher Albritton (100 BREAST & 100 IM)

Logan Brown (50 BACK)

Ava Cohen (50 BREAST)

Molly Dailey (100 BREAST)

Charlotte Dawkins (100 IM)

Anna Grugel (50 & 100 BREAST)

Marko Kristo (200 IM & 100 FLY)

Jamie Lewis (100 & 200 IM, 100 & 200 FREE, 50 FLY)

Kai Page (50 FREE)

Madeline Peyton (100 FREE & 50 FLY)

Evy Seifert (100 BREAST)

Lana Shapero (50 BREAST & 100 IM)

Rory Wildman (50 & 100 BREAST)

Zoe Zheng (200 FREE)

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

Abigail Coty

Charlotte Dawkins

Lyla Hottman

Emerson Northup

Kai Page

Reese Wigger

Rory Wildman


What a great job to all of the Silver swimmers this last weekend in Lexington! Seeing the whole group at the swim meet was great and seeing everyone get a long and having great team spirit all throughout the weekend was great to see. Going into the weekend we worked on a bunch of open turns and making sure we work those under waters to the flags. Watching what I could between both pools everyone executed the open turns great! Seeing how they brought their feet up to the wall and seeing them elbow underwater and push off in the streamline was great. I even got some compliments from other teams how great the open turns were on their events! We will now get ready for our mid-season meet down at UofL and I can’t wait to see how awesome we do!


Layton Angermeier

100% best times:

Lilly Best

Edison HU

Sean Northup

Jackson Ogburn

Victoria Pritchard

Sky Pruet

New State A Cuts:

Zack Vlahos- 100 IM

Carter Schardein- 100 free


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 66%

Biggest Time Drops

  • Charlotte Bohannon – 50 Breast @ 11.03

  • Adelynn Craft – 25 Breast @ 11.61

  • Wyatt Thompson – 50 Free @ 19.17

100 % Club

  • Finley Huff

  • Westin Jones

  • Adelyn Knight

  • Wyatt Thompson

Meet Highlights from Coach Mike

  • Madison Couch – 25 Back – 1st Place – a personal best time and dropping .04 – Great Job!

  • Emma Kellie – 50 Fly – 1st Place – Great Job!

  • Adalyn Knight – 25 Free – 1st Place – a personal best time and dropping .47 – Great Jo!


Training Group Percentage of Best Times @ 40%

The following swimmers competed during the weekend. Luke Best, Owen Compton, William Compton, Andrew Coty, Maci Couch, Lainey Craft, Advik Kaithi, Hannah Kannapel, James King and Zoey Vlahos

Biggest Time Drops

  • Zoey Vlahos – 50 Back @ 6.94

100 % Club

  • Luke Best

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