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Last Chance Meet Blog Post

National Team

The "Swimmer of the Meet for the National Team was... Ben Wafford.

Ben swam 5 events and recorded personal best times in all 5 races.

Notable swimmers of the meet:

Jack Youdes went 4 for 4 on best times during the meet and just missed a Sectional Cut by only 0.05 in the 100 Breast.

Dane Bruenderman came to the meet for one event and swam away with a best time, achieving his goal.

New achievements from the National Team:

Caleb Mullikin - Sectional Cut in the 100 Free

Dane Bruenderman - State Cut in the 50 Free

Jake Lundquist - State Cuts in the 100 Back and the 200 IM. Sectional Cut in the 200


Senior 1: The Senior 1 group had a really great meet this past weekend. After the meet we asked each swimmer what their best event was and why they thought it was their best. Sarah Catherine’s best event was her 100 back, she dropped a second. Hannah Schmidt’s best was the 100 fly, she dropped 2 seconds after not dropping in the event for 2 years. Alexander’s best event was his 100 free, he said that without his teammates pushing him to keep a positive mindset he would not have been able to swim as well as he did. Drew’s best was his 200 breast. He dropped a second, and this was the first time he dropped since 2019. Ty’s best event was the 50 free, he dropped .6 seconds. He had set a goal before the event and he made his goal. Greg’s best event was his 100 breast. He set a goal to break 1:10 from a year ago. He went a 1:09. Brooke swam the 50 free. She went a season best and won her heat. Grant’s best event was his 200 back and his 100 free where he dropped over a second in both. Aiden’s best event was his 500 free. He went a season best time. Adam swam the 200 back and he got the state cut. Sophia’s best event was her 100 free. She’s been working her finishes at practices, and she executed this in her event and had an amazing finish. Ian’s best was his 100 free. He dropped 2 seconds and had good turns after working on them at practices. Jett’s best was his 100 fly, he dropped 2 seconds and won his heat. Travis swam the 100 fly. He dropped time for the first time in about a year. Evan’s best was the 200 fly. He was able to take it out fast and was able to stay in the race. Luke’s best was his 200 free. He dropped 5 seconds and he executed breakouts that he has been working on. Emma’s best event was her 100 back. She was able to go out fast, and went a best time which she hasn’t done in over a year. This group has worked really hard this season and Leslie is super proud of the group and everyone’s best times, especially considering the meet had some quick transitions between races. This group pushes each other to do their best and we are so excited to see what they can do at state.

Senior Prep

The "Swimmer of the Meet" for the Senior Prep group was... Claire Buel.

Claire swam the maximum number of events and had best times in 5 out of 6 of those events.

Notable swimmers of the meet:

Matthew Davis swam one day and went 3 for 3 best times.

Mary Grace Van Allsburg swam in her first meet as a Triton giving her 3 out of 3 best times.

New achievements from Senior Prep:

Mary Grace Van Allsburg - "B" time in the 50 Free

Hanna Christensen - "B" time in the 200 Free

Courtney Stotsky - "BB" times in the 200 Back and the 200 Free

Meet Recap for Bronze & Pre-Comp

What and awesome weekend! Watching the kids put all the hard work they have been doing into action is amazing. We have so many great swims from the kids. I am immensely proud of all of them!

Pre-Comp: had 5 swimmers swim 24 events, with 17 best times for 71% Best Times! We had 1st time swims or 1st legal swim in 4 of the races! Congratulations to Drew Coty, Adelynn Craft and Eliana Sang in those 1st time events. Archer Tackett had the swim of this group for the boys, dropping 12 seconds in his 50 back! For the girls, Maci Couch dropped 6 seconds in her 50 free. I am incredibly happy with those that tried to do flip turns for the 1st time in competition. Way to go Pre-Comp!

Bronze: had 19 swimmers swim 128 events, with 65% best times. 9 of the swimmers swam events for the 1st time in competition. We have some swimmers go best times in every event they swam; Charlotte Bohannon 4/4, Adalyn Knight 4/4, Victoria Pritchard 3/3. Numerous swimmers swim best times in many events; Riley Cohen 7/8, Madison Couch 7/8, Evangelia Drosos, Evie Flowers 6/8, Aubrey McWhorter 6/8, Kinlee Ropple 6/8, Bryce Ballerstedt 6/8, Henry Dicken 7/8, and Zackary Vlahos 6/8. We had some crazy time drops in events as well; Riley Cohen dropped 12 in the 100 IM, Charley Dicken dropped 8 in the 100 Free, Henry Dicken dropped 9 in the 50 Fly, Aubrey McWhorter dropped 5 in the 100 IM, Zackery Vlahos dropped 15 in the 100 Free. What a way to end the season! We had so many great swims.

Silver: What a great weekend all around for every Silver group swimmer! We had 25 kids swim in the last chance and each swimmer dropped in at least 1 event. They all swam their best of the season and I loved how their energy was. 3 swimmers achieved new state cuts. Kinley jones in the 100 breast, Marko Kristo in the 100 breast, and Zander Vlahos in the 200 free. Kinley Jones had to get her cut Sunday morning by swimming in the Girls Open 100 breast! She did an awesome job with a 16 year old and 18 year old on both sides of her. She kept calm and got the state cut easily! The biggest time job of the weekend was Penn Underhill in the 100 free. He dropped 24.33! He went a 1:22.04 and even almost got the boys 10 under state cut! Overall the silver group this year is a very young group. I am so proud to see the future with them and see how the rest of the year goes once we go into long course season.

Gold: We had a great number of kids competing, 38 in total, in this meet, the results of the Gold Group in this last competition were the following:

214 Events Swam

128 Personal Best Time (60% of all the events)

16 New State Cuts

Highlights: The entire group effort, looking very strong in the races and swimming with great technique. CONGRATULATIONS ALL THE GROUP!!

With this last meet done, we had the following qualifiers for State Champs:

22 Gold Swimmers (50% of the group) made State Champs, making 167 State Cuts, this swimmers are:


Madeleine Payton

Lana Shapero

Evy Seifert

Charlotte Dawkins

Francesca Underhill

Kai Page

Ansley Brinkmoeller


Robbie Burgin

Graham Norrembrock

Owen Mayes

Ryan Berrong

Nolan Jones


Bella McWhorter

Linnea Shapero

Ameila Jackson


Paxton Boyd

Carson Kreis

Guy Proctor

Chase Kuhn

Aidan Albritton

Jack Ballerstedt

Alex Roy

Jake Mattingly


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