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Santa Clause Meet Post!

Triton Swimming races to 2nd place at the FAST Santa Clause Classic. The coaching staff is so proud of the team and individual performances throughout the weekend. The team showed so much spirit in wanting to swim fast and supported each other throughout the weekend. GREAT Job TEAM TRITON!

1. National

a. National Team had one heck of a weekend. Trent Kolter had the most best times, having 83.3% personal records. Five new Kentucky Open State cuts were achieved by Harrison Albright, Caleb Mullikin, Cason Henderson, and Keegan Henderson with two. Six new Senior Sectional cuts were made by Harrison, Gentry Cheek, Cason, Elizabeth Frericks, and getting two was Trent. Seven new Summer Sectional cuts were accomplished by Cason, Clayton Feller, Ethan Highley, Trent, and picking up three cuts was Keegan. Trent also achieved the NCSA Bonus standard in the 100 Backstroke. As a group, the National Team compiled 27 top three finishes. We had 13 third place finishes from Clayton, Elizabeth, Trent (2), Keegan (3), and Caleb with six. Ethan, Trent, Caleb (2), Cason (2), and Keegan (2) made up 8 second place finishes. Six first place finishes were swum by three individuals. Gentry won the 100 Backstroke. Cason won the 200 Butterfly. Ethan dominated four victories in the 200 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle, and the 200 Backstroke. Persistence, commitment and hard work is really starting to payoff! Raise the bar and keep going strong.

2. Senior 1

a. Christmas came early for the 13 Senior 1 swimmers who attended the Santa Clause meet in Fishers, Indiana. We had 7 0f 13 swimmers go all best times, they are Hayden Albright, Evan Barsch, Curtis Feller, Travis Heuke, Marco Ljubic, Jake Lundquist, and Ben Wafford. As an entire group we were 86 % best time and 12 of 13 swimmers finaled at least in one event. The support for one another and other teammates was superior. We look forward to our Christmas training and get even better in 2020.

3. Senior 2

There were 3 Swimmers competing this past weekend. They posted 45% on best times and learned a lot about racing and taking care of themselves during the weekend.

Julia Bowman posted lifetime best in the 200 Breast and 200 Free swam 14 times during the weekend. It was so neat to see in Julia’s 100 Free at the end of the meet and smile afterwards going under a minute for the first time in 11 months.

Ryan Miller posted lifetime best in 8/15 swims during the weekend. The 2 races standing out were the 200 Back and 100 Free. The events happened back to back with where Ryan struggled with his legs during the 200 Back and then turned around to swim a lifetime best 100 Free. The smile was awesome to see when he knew he could rebound from a bad swim.

Lilli Tackett posted lifetime best in 5/9 swims during the meet. She swam 3 Finals in the 100 Back, 200 Back and 100 Fly. It was great to see her challenge herself in the 200 Back by going for the lead and working her under waters throughout the race. Lilli showed great confidence with her swims throughout the weekend.

4. AGP

a. There were 20 Swimmers competing this past weekend. They posted 75% on best times and learned a lot about racing and taking care of themselves during the weekend. Hanna Schmidt ended the weekend with being the 3rd place high point winner for the 11-12 girls.

Below, you will find some highlights from the groups – Great Job!

Bernadette Albright

· 8/8 Lifetime Best Swims – 100%

Julia Barsh

· 200 Back Finals – Dropping over 12 Seconds in a day

Ian Beierle

· 10/14 Lifetime Best Swims

· 100 Breast – 4th Place

· 200 Breast – 4th Place

· 200 Back – 7th Place

Isabella Boyd

· 8/11 Lifetime Best Swims

· Drops over 1:17 in the 200 IM – Great Job!

Rowan Boyd

· A tough weekend with being sick. So, proud on how she tried to swim and cheered for her teammates!

Steven Bridgmohan

· 12/12 Lifetime Best Swims – 100%

· 50 Back – 8th Place

· 100 Back – 8th Place

Hartley Brinkmoeller

· 8th Place – 100 Back

· Drops over 8 seconds in the 500 Free

Drew Collis

· 13/14 Lifetime Best Swims

· Picks up his 200 Breast State Cut – Drops in over 8 Seconds – 5th Place

Caleb Guevara

· 12/12 Lifetime Best Swim – 100%

Madeline Haller

· 3/4 Lifetime Best Swims

· 50 Fly – Wins the Consolation Final – 11th Place & picks up her State Cut

Riley Hayden

· 5/6 Lifetime Best Swims

· 500 Free drops over 12 seconds

Meyer Hitch

· 13/14 Lifetime Best Swims

· Swims in 6 Finals during the weekend

Lauren Kuprion

· 100 Breast – 6th Place

· 100 Back – 8th Place

· 200 Fly – 7th Place

Larkin McCubbin

· 13/14 Lifetime Best Swims

· Swims in 6 Finals during the weekend

· 50 Breast – 4th Place

· 100 Breast – 4th Place

Addi Nussbaum

· 10/10 Lifetime Best Swims

· 200 Breast – Drops over 12 seconds during the day

Anne- Grace Phillips

· 4/7 Lifetime Best Swims

· 200 Breast – 15th Place – Anna-Graces first Consolation Final

Ella Reif

· 9/9 Lifetime Best Swims – 100%

· 50 Free – 16th Place

Hanna Schmidt

· 3rd Place in the 11-12 High Point Girls Race

· Swim 14 Times during the Weekend

· 50 Breast – 1st Place

· 100 Breast – 1St Place

· 50 Free – 2nd Place

Nolin Underhill

· 8/9 Lifetimes Best Swims

Kaylee Vander Velden

· 100 Back – 2nd Place

· 100 Fly – 4th Place

· 100 Free – 7th Place

· 50 Back – 1st Place

· 50 Fly – 4th Place

· 50 Free – 5th Place

5. Senior Prep

a. Senior Prep represented Tritons very well over the weekend. Five members of the group accomplished a 63.3% personal best times total. Shain McHatton lead the way with 100%, followed by Brandon Crase with 80% best times. Three swimmers swam fast enough in prelims to qualify for finals. All three of them swam best times in the morning and went on to swim even faster at finals. Abby Greene and Agnes Lee both made it back in the 100 Breaststroke while Zach Id-lougssiyr finaled in the 100 Backstroke. Great swimming, keep up the hard work!

6. Gold

a. The GOLD Kids did GREAT at SANTA CLAUS CLASSIC, it was a very fun meet and for the 12&U was great to be able to swim prelim and finals format, that way they get to practice for State Meet.

The group had this results in this meet: 126 Personal Best Times (69% of all the events) 13 New State Cuts,

Meet Records - Paxton Boyd, 50 & 100 Breast, and the Mile, 10&U A Team (Paxton, Chase, Carson & Aidan) in the Free and Medley Relay:

1 Team Record - Paxton Boyd in the Mile

Paxton Boyd 3rd for high points

Excellent job, we all must be proud for all the great swim in this meet!!!

5 Silver

a. What a great weekend all silver swimmers had. We started of strong Friday night with all personal best times. We came back Saturday and Sunday afternoon and rocked out the pool from the beginning until the end. It was great seeing the swimmer interact with one another all weekend. Cheering each other on and were very focused. Can’t wait to go back up to Fishers in January and rock the blocks again and get those State Cuts! d

6 Bronze

a. Had a strong showing at the meet, with 19 swimmers competing. On Saturday they had very little time between races and still did an amazing job. As a group, collectively they dropped 2 minuets and 54.74 seconds for best times. They had 107 first time swims and best times! With an impressive 50 back, Conall Isaacs dropped 10.16 seconds! Stella Jett had an awesome 50 Breast with 11.69 second drop! This group is continuing to improve and the amount of fun they bring is exciting to be a part of! Way to go Bronze Group!

7 Pre-Comp

a. We only had 3 swimmers swim in the meet from Pre-Comp, but they sure made up for the small number with big swims. Beckett Powers swam a best time in the 100 Free by taking off almost 1 minute from his previous time (-59.16). Anyone that can drop that amount of time in a 100 is doing something right at practice. As a group they swam 13 best times with 5 of those in new races. The amount of improvement that this group is making is unbelievable! Very Proud of the Pre-Comp swimmers!

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