Senior 1 is Ready for Championship Season

Coach Leslie has been working hard all season to prepare the Senior 1 swimmers to compete in Championship meets. They have spent the past several weeks fine tuning for the end of the Short Course Season. They have primarily focused on breakouts, kick counts, stroke counts, starts, turns, proper pace work, speed work, and strategies for each race. Coach Leslie has focused on in-water and out-of-water training that will lead to each athlete’s success. She has stressed the importance of proper nutrition and hydration, which is especially important leading up to championship meets. She has also encouraged all of her swimmers to make sure they have all of the equipment they need, including 3 caps that are in good condition, multiple pairs of goggles, multiple suits, and Triton warm-ups. Most importantly, Coach Leslie has stressed a positive attitude! She preaches to each swimmer that they have worked hard all season to earn their spot at a championship meet. She encourages each swimmer to “swim their own race” and tells them, “when you step up on the block and you have taken care of the of the things that are controllable, then the only thing left to do is unleash your hard work, desire, and determination to destroy your heat!”

Good luck to all Senior 1 swimmers and all of Team Triton!

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