The Silver Torpedos - Silver Group Spotlight

These last 2.5 months have been so great working with all the silver families. If this is your first year with Triton, I hope your child is enjoying practice and all the activities we have done. We have been working on bunch of drills everyday and kicking. The days we have the blocks we work about 20 minutes of blocks and turns work. This has been going great with us splitting into 2 groups. This year we have coach Abbie helping us and she has been a great addition to the silver group. Seeing her interact with each child and being so enthused with them is awesome.

Our first 2 meets have gone great. Yes, there were some DQs during our intersquad meet. But we have been focusing on fixing those. Looking over the DQ sheet it was mostly just one- hand touches on our turns for breast and fly. Or finishing the wrong way on backstroke. The last couple of weeks we have been hitting that hard and fixing all those issues. Speaking of meets we are almost to our mid-season meet! This meet will be down at UofL, and I can’t wait to see how everyone does. This group has come a far way since late August, and they are only getting better.

Let’s keep the Silver Torpedoes rolling and see you guys on the pool deck!

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