Training Group Spotlight: Age Group Performance (AGP)

What a great first week of practice. I am very excited to be a part of Triton swimming and I am super impressed with AGP’s comradery and overall group culture. So, keep it up AGP! #ALLIN

They ALL worked hard for me and Coach Abbie this past week. As I become more familiar with each swimmer, and they become accustomed to how my practices are structured, we will start to go fast and get a lot done. They were introduced to counting strokes (Freestyle & Breaststroke) and how that relates to adding one or subtracting one stroke to go fast or slow. We talked about what it means to swim ugly…. for instance, no breathing off walls and I stressed to them: we need to focus the most on technique when we are tired. Parents: Quiz your AGP swimmer on not breathing off walls! Lastly, we introduced some of the dryland exercises that we will do this season. Remember to have them bring a water bottle to practice, keep pushing fluids, turn electronics off an hour before bed, and eat a little snack before afternoon practice.

Go Team Triton!

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