Training Group Spotlight: Senior 3

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The Senior 3 group is an absolute blast to work with. Their enthusiasm to learn and work hard makes finishing off each day of practice something to look forward to. Coach Jack and I really like how we can all joke around with each other one minute and then go right to work the next minute. It's just so cool that the group fully understands that the reason why we are there everyday is to train for upcoming meets and build on accomplishing their goals but, at the same time, have fun while doing it. The fun and goofing around never takes away from getting on task and doing the work. - such a great environment to be a part of!

My favorite part of coaching the Senior 3 group is how welcoming everyone is to new members of the team. It only takes a few days for someone new to be fully included into the family. Two or three days with the group and you may as well have been there for two or three years. This is such a special and unique thing to witness and be a part of. I believe that this is credit to the strong leadership we have had within the group over the past several years. This is a great tradition that has been passed down and I suspect that it will continue into the future.

The Senior 3 group is made up of so many levels of athletes with so many different goals for their swimming individually. Coach Jack and I enjoy the challenge that this brings to us. It makes us stronger as coaches. I think that the swimmers respond to that from us and accept the challenges we give them each day. Whether someone is on the team for personal fitness reasons or working to move up in the system within Triton Swimming, the one common thing that each swimmer in the group has is that every one of them wants to be at practice and make improvements. It is a culture that sends us home every day with a smile on our faces and pride in our hearts.

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