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Tri-Meet POST

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Congratulations TRITON Swimming on a great team effort at the TRI-Meet with Cardinal Aquatics and Kentucky Aquatics – November 6-8, 2020.

Team Scores – A Huge Team Win!!!

Male Female Combined

TRITON Swimming 1,181.5 1,690.5 2,872.0

Cardinal Aquatics 909 854.5 1,763.5

Kentucky Aquatics 603.5 404 1007.5

National Team:

As a group we had 72 total swims with 21 best times, giving us 29.17% best times.

Swimmer of the meet for the National Team:

Jake Lundquist with 80% best times and a total of 6.23 seconds of time drop.

Notable swims achieving new time standards:

Elizabeth Frericks - 200 BK "Summer Sectionals", 200 FR "Southern Primer/Spring Sectionals"

Cason Henderson - 200 FL "18&U Winter Championships"

Trent Kolter - 200 IM "Summer Sectionals"

Jake Lundquist - "100 FR "State Cut", 50 FR "State Cut"

Caleb Mullikin - 1000 FR "Southern Primer/Spring Sectionals"

Senior 1:

The Senior 1 swimmers enjoyed and swam well at the Tri-Meet. Will Kelly lead the way with 7 best times followed by Jett Meffert and Grant Stromquest with 5 best times. Swimmer with 3 or more best times were Alexander Bridgmohan, Drew Collis, Ryan Miller, Greg Post, Aiden rock, Adam Tichy, and Ty Wectawski.

As a group our breakouts, breathing patterns, and under waters were much improved. Each swimmer is learning what type of warm-up and warm-down works best for them. Support for one another continues to be outstanding. Many swimmers have to reset goals times for the season as they have already reached.

Senior 2:

Hanna Schmidt – Futures Cut – 100 Breast @ 1:05.29 – This is her third futures cut!

100 % Club – Dropping in every event!

· Ian Beierle

· Hunter Gondrey

· Ethan Wiseman

Additional – State Meet Time Standard Achievers

· Riley Auton – 100 Free & 200 Free

· Ian Beierle – 50 Free & 100 Back

Notable Huge Time Drop

· Ian Beierle – 500 Free – 13.02 Sec – Awesome!

Senior Prep:

As a group we had 89 total swims with 70 best times, giving us 78.65% best times.

Swimmers with 100% Best Times:

Claire Buel

Emma Christensen

Teddy Flowers

Kailey Greenwell

Agnes Lee (note: no races were 1st time swims)

Courtney Stotsky

Sienna Underwood

Swimmer of the meet of Senior Prep:

Emma Christensen with 56.41 seconds of total time drop.

Notable swims achieving National Motivational Time Standards:

Grayson Boehm - 100 FR "B", 50 FR "B"

Emma Christensen - 200 IM "B", 200 BR "B"

Ella Dailey - 50 FR "B"

Kailey Greenwell - 1000 FR "B", 500 FR "B"

Courtney Stotsky - 100 FR "BB", 200 IM "B", 100 FL "B", 200 BK "BB", 200 FR "BB"

Sienna Underwood - 50 FR "B"


100 % Club – Dropping in every event!

· Jack Bolyard

· Grace Dicken

· Caleb Guevara

· Adan Hetman

· Harper Lawson

· Allie Ludwick

· Addison Nussbaum

· Anna- Grace Phillips

· Nolin Underhill

· Leighton Underhill

· Ashley Wectawski

Additional – State Meet Time Standard Achievers

· Mateo Agusti – 100 fly

· Jack Bolyard – 100 Free

· Grace Dicken – 100 Back, 100 Breast, 200 IM, 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Free, 500 Free

· Meyer Hitch – 500 Free, 200 Free

· Harper Lawson – 200 IM, 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 free, 500 Free

· Allie Ludwick - 50 Fly

· Bill McMinn – 100 Free

· Addison Nussbaum – 100 Breast

· Keegan Sheehan – 50 Fly

· Leighton Underhill – 100 Back, 200 IM

Notable Huge Time Drop

· Harper Lawson – 500 Free – 1:24.30 Sec – Aweson

Bronze & Pre-Comp:

We had a great meet! It was nice for the boys to have some competition against the other teams. Unfortunately, neither team had any 8 & Under girls at the meet, so our girls rocked another Intersquad meet.

Pre-Comp had 4 swimmers swim 10 events, with 9 best times! We had 1st time swim or 1st legal swim in 4 of the races! Congratulations to Archer Tackett, Adelynn Craft, and Eliana Sang in those 1st time events. Maci Couch had a great swim in her 25 Back with dropping over 3 seconds! Immensely proud of the accomplishments this young group is having!!

Bronze had 15 swimmers swim 108 events, with 66% best times. 11 of the swimmers swam events for the 1st time in competition. Swimmers going best time in every event they swam are the following: Emma Kellie 4/4, Adalyn Knight 8/8, & Victoria Pritchard 3/3. We had some crazy time drops in events as well; Bryce Ballerstedt dropped 42 seconds in the 100 Free, Riley Cohen dropped 14 in the 100 IM, Madison Couch dropped 19 in the 50 Breast, Violet Evans dropped 14 in the 100 IM, Emma Kellie dropped 17 in the 50 Fly. It is amazing to see the weekly improvements that this group is having! Way to go Bronze Group!!


Silver group had a great meet this last weekend against Cardinal and Kentucky aquatics! 27 swimmers from Silver group swam and each one of them had a personal best in at least 1 event! We even had swimmers go personal best in all their events also. Those swimmers are Abby Daily, Stella Jett, Elizabeth Joynt, Lillie McIntosh, Nasya Omoruyi, Lennox Robertson, and Zoe Zheng.

New State cuts Zander Vlahos 100 IM and 200 IM.

Biggest drop of the meet was Zoe Zheng in the 100 back with a 11.97 second drop!

Everyone is swimming great and we can’t wait till our next meet. A lot of people are very close to at least 1 state cut and that is the goal for every Silver swimmer!

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