TRI- Meet w/ Clippers & Dolphin Swimming

TRI- Meet w/ Clippers & Dolphin Swimming - Team Scores
















National Team:

Caleb Mullikin – Senior Sectional Cut – 1650 Free @ 17:46.10 – Congratulations!

Swimmers of the meet for the National Team

· Caleb Mullikin for his 1650 Senior Sectional Cut

· Elizabeth Frericks for going 4 personal best times in the 100 Back, 100 Fly, 100 Free and the 1650 Free

Notable Huge Time Drop

Caleb Mullikin – 1650 Free – 56.41 Sec

Ben Wafford – 500 Free – 42.67 Sec

Senior 2:

100% Club – Dropping in Every Event

· Jack Bolyard

Additional – State Meet Time Standard Achievers

· Jack Bolyard – 400 IM, 500 Free, 200 Free, 50 Free

· Meyer Hitch – 200 Breast

Notable Huge Time Drop

· Julia Bowman – 200 Fly – 28.49 Sec

Senior Prep:

100% Club – Dropping in Every Event

· Grayson Boehm

Swimmer of the meet for the Senior Prep Team

· Teddy Flowers achieving 88% best times during the meet.

Notable Huge Time Drop

Hanna Christensen – 500 free – 1:06.32 Sec


100% Club – Dropping in every event!

· Julia Barsch

· Ava Grazziani

· Madeline Haller

· Bill McMinn

· Lucy Norrenbrock

· Anna-Grace Phillips

· Griffin Soph

Addtitional – State Meet Time Standard Achievers

· Hartley Brinkmoeller – 100 Fly

· Sara Frericks – 500 Free

· Ava Grazziani – 50 Fly, 100 Fly

· Allie Ludwick – 50 Free, 500 Free

Notable Huge Time Drop

· Hartley Brinkmoeller – 500 Free – 27.17 Sec

· Addison Nussbaum – 500 Free – 40.76 Sec

· Ella Reif – 500 Free – 500 Free – 24.10


The kids had a GREAT WEEKEND, we are very proud of them and all the hard work that they put in the technique of every stroke in all their races!!

This are the results of the group for this meet:

38 Gold kids swam the meet (What an AMAZING NUMBER!!)

290 Events swam

206 Personal Best Times (71% of the events were P.B)


All the kids swam very nicely! The entire group did an AMAZING job, and all deserve their credit for keeping great technique during their events!!


All the silver swimmers swam great this last weekend. Starting on Friday afternoon with the 200 free! We had 7 swimmer swim and 5 out of the 7 got their best times! On Saturday in the mid day session we had all personal best times in every event for every 8 under. The 2 boys Edison Yu and Penn underhill dominating every event they swam. For 1 8 under swimmer they achieved their first ever state cut in the 50 breast and that was Kinley Jones!

Now to Saturday afternoon all 10 unders and 11 years olds swam great also. Elise LeGare had the biggest time drop in the 100 back. She went a 1:36.33. Her seed time was a 1:52.86. That is a 16.53 drop! For the Boys biggest time drop it was Carter Schardein in his 100 IM. He dropped 12.50 seconds! Sunday was just as great as even more swimmers dropped time in every event.

They all swam great after not swimming since November. Their attitudes were great while even being tired by the end of Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait to see more time drops come Super Sprint!


Bronze had 18 swimmers swim 138 events, with 73% best times. 12 of the swimmers swam events for the 1st time in competition. We had a few swimmers go best times in every event they swam: Riley Cohen 4/4, Aubrey Dawkins 8/8, Finn Sherwood 6/6. Other swimmers had numerous best times; Caroline Thompson 7/8, Adalyn Knight 7/8, Madison Couch 7/8, Bryce Ballerstedt 7/8, Henry Dicken 7/8 We had some crazy time drops in events as well; Riley Cohen dropped 20 in the 100 Free, Violet Evans dropped 11 in the 50 Breast, Evie Flowers dropped 24 in the 50 Fly, Vera Gravil dropped 11 in the 50 Fly, Charlotte Isaacs dropped 22 in the 50 Breast, Emma Kellie dropped 12 in the 50 Free, Finn Sherwood dropped 12 in the 50 Breast, Carline Thompson dropped 14 in the 100 IM. We had so many great swims! I could list everyone in the group for their time drops. I am so proud of how hard they are working during practice!


Pre-Comp had 4 swimmers swim 11 events, with 7 best times! We had 1st time swims or 1st legal swim in 3 of the races! Congratulations to Maci Couch and Eliana Sang in those 1st time events. Archer Tackett had the swim of this group, dropping 14 seconds in his 25 back! This group is continually improving and getting faster in the pool. Way to go Pre-Comp!

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