Triton names team captains, RISE Athletes will mentor each Captain

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

We are excited to announce our new RISE Leadership Training Program! We will be launching the program January 1st of 2022.

One of the recurring themes discussed amongst our coaching staff is ongoing training for our TRITON athletes outside of the pool. While we believe this training is important for everyone, we wanted to create a new Leadership Training Program for a set of selected Team Captains that were in either their Junior or Senior year of High School.

After discussing this goal, we decided to partner with RISE Athletes, which is a team of world class athletes on a mission to create lasting, foundational change through our results-proven Mindset Development Program.

The coaches then went on to select 6 captains from our Junior and Senior classes that will go through a 3 month immersive program with RISE starting January 1st. The goal is develop our young leaders and help them learn to lead by example, inspiring their peers to achieve their goals and build exemplary character and habits.

The TRITON Leadership Program will be repeated on an annual basis with 6 selected athletes from the Junior and Senior classes. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn, grow and work with National, World and Olympic level athletes. We are building this program with hopes it becomes something our Athletes work hard to be considered for.

TRITON Team Captain Program

Responsibilities of Triton Team Captains

Being a Team Captain for TRITON means leading by example on a daily basis through exemplary character and positive attitude.

As a recipient of the TRITON RISE Leadership Mentoring Scholarship, you are expected to be a strong leader by example - one of the hardest workers on the team, displaying a high level of commitment, focus, intensity, passion, and effort - and strong vocal leader with good communication skills - one who will encourage, support, and positively hold all teammates accountable.

The primary purpose of the Team Captain will be to positively influence teammates in and out of the pool, at all extracurricular school and non-school activities, and in the local community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The TEAM CAPTAIN will be expected to:

· Be on time to all team practices and team functions (at least 5-10 minutes early),

· Promote a positive attitude and positive team interactions - every day,

· Provide a positive role model concerning commitment, intensity, confidence, response to mistakes, composure, hustle, and a “team first” focus,

· Help settle team conflicts and be willing to confront and hold teammates accountable for their on-and-off court behaviors,

· Work closely with and be the “point-person” for their head group coach,

· Encourage and support all teammates,

· Lead the team throughout the season (in good and bad times),

· Perform other related team duties (as needed or requested by the coaching staff).

Essential Job Functions:

The TEAM CAPTAIN will be asked to:

· Be the hardest worker on the team (be the most committed/compelled)

· Model mental toughness by remaining confident and focused . . . and by responding to individual and team setbacks/mistakes in an appropriate manner,

· Develop strong interpersonal and team relations (friendships),

· Provide energy and passion,

· Compliment and support teammates,

· Challenge teammates to get better and work harder,

· Confront teammates’ negative attitudes, complaining, gossip, and lack of effort,

· Refocus teammates when distracted,

· Make good decisions (on-and-off the floor),

· Check in with the head coach.

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