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Updated: Feb 17

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What a great team effort by the 12&U swimmers this weekend!

The staff is so proud of the team performance in the pool, the older swimmers showing great leadership in helping and all of our parent volunteers.

Team Scores

Combined Team Scores – TRITON Swimming – 2nd Place – 753.50

Girls Team Scores – TRITON Swimming – 1st Place – 566.50

Boys Team Scores – TRITON Swimming – 2nd Place – 187.00

High Point Winners

6 – Year Old Girls – Maci Couch

8 – Year Old Boys – Zackary Vlahos

10 – Year Old Girls – Charlotte Dawkins

11 – Year Old Girls – Madeline Peyton

12 – Year Old Girls – Bella McWhorter


Louisville, KY: AGP 11 & 12 year old swimmers came into the 2022 Triton Super Sprint Meet ready to swim fast! For some, it was their final Super Sprint meet. AGP has worked hard during their peak training phase and we were tired but came with effort and attention to detail. Most swimmers were around their best times for the meet which is a positive all around. Bella McWhorter swam well and was near her top time in all her events. She has improved her breaststroke and continues to, along with all of AGP, become stronger in their “off” events. Madeline Peyton dropped in all but one of her events and grabbed the State Cut in the 50 backstroke! Kate Schardein dropped some time in her 50 fly and 50 backstroke events. This was her first meet since AllStars where she dropped 20 seconds in her 500 Free! Linnea Shapero dropped time in her 50 breaststroke and Aiden Albritton dropped time in his 50 free. Paxton Boyd also dropped time in his 50 free to go under :26 seconds for the first time this season, as well dropping some time in his 50 backstroke. Robbie Burgin dropped time in all of his events swimming very well in his 50 fly. Colby Johnson also swam for the first time since December and while he was at his best time, he did manage to drop .01 in the 50 breast. He, along with all of AGP, had good effort and energy at the meet. Jack Ballerstedt and Amelia Jackson swam hard and I was proud of their effort. Keep working hard AGP!! It was great to see some of the older AGP swimmers volunteering their time. #ALLIN


We hope the kids had a ton of fun at the annual Super Sprint!!! We did not have as many drops as we would have liked, but we know how hard it can be hard to drop in a 50. We did have two new state cuts made, with one being his first state cut. This puts us at 19 swimmers in gold with state cuts!!!! That’s awesome; we are super proud. We will continue to work on the details and working hard to prepare us for more time drops and state cuts made at Lakesides Dare to Care. Then off to State in March! GO TRITON! #ALLIN

We had 32 Swimmers do 128 individual events with 62 BEST TIMES (48.4 %).

State Cuts (new):

  • Logan Brown (50 FREE)

  • Collin Liu (50 BREAST)

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

  • Nixon Fow

  • Ellie Giles

  • Reese Wigger


What a great weekend for all of our silver swimmers who swam this last weekend at the Super Sprint. As a group we had many time drops and 6 new state cuts were achieved by swimmers. With 3 people qualifying for their first ever cut! We only have 1.5 weeks until dare to care meet! We are getting everyone ready to swim even faster and hopefully knock out more cuts our final swim meet of the season. I can’t wait to see what everyone has in themselves!

1. 100 % Best times

a. Riley Cohen

b. Tyani Cruz

c. Larissa dapello

d. Claire Liu

e. Jackson Ogburn

f. Ellen Wingard

2. First time Swimming a Triton Meet

a. Avery Wilhem

b. Shankar Kanepudi

3. New State cut times

a. Campbell Brown: 50 breast

b. Ann Kellie: 50 fly

c. Mia Knight: 50 breast

d. Claire Liu: 50 fly

e. Carter Schardein: 50 fly

f. Zack Vlahos: 50 free


100 % Club

Charlotte Bohannon – 4/4

Caroline Hall – 4/4

Finley Huff – 4/3

Largest Time Drops @ the Meet

Bryce Ballerstedt – 50 Fly – 6.26

Aubrey Dawkins – 50 Fly – 6.12

Leah Ferrell – 50 Back – 6.19

Caroline Hall – 50 Breast – 20.14

Caroline Hall – 50 Free – 13.35

Adalyn Knight – 50 Fly – 7.29

Wyatt Thompson- 50 back- 17.47


100 % Club

Maci Couch – 4/4

Largest Time Drops @ the Meet

Owen Compton – 50 Back – 8.19

William Compton – 50 Back – 7.80

William Compton – 50 Free – 6.34

Advik Kaithi – 50 Back – 27.64

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