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Triton Tri-Meet Blog

Triton Tri-Meet Blog

Congratulations to Team TRITON on a successful start to the 2022 long course meet schedule. We opened the season swimming against the Lakeside Seahawks and TNT Swimming. During the meet, we had 3 team records broken:

Claire Liu – 8&U Girls – 200 Free – 3:12.75

Bella McWhorter – 11-12 Girls – 400 Free – 4:52.10

Bella McWhorter – 11-12 Girls – 800 Free – 10:03.77

National: National Team

100% Best Time

Carter Dilger – 10/10

Personal Best Swim’s

Curtis Feller – 200 Free + 200 IM

Meyer Hitch – 100 Back

Christopher Schuering – 50 Free

Adam Tichy – 100 Breast + 50 Free

Senior 1: Well our first long course meet is complete and state champs are only 8 weeks away. Ava Grazziani had the most impressive meet of any senior 1 swimmers with all best times. Greg Post had the most best times for the boys with 6. 11 of the 15 senior 1 swimmers competed at our meet and 8 of 11 had at least 1 best time. Each swimmer swam 1 event they had never swum, 1 event they needed to work on, and 1 favorite/day. I was looking for smart racing, great underwaters, and honest effort in each of their races. Overall I believe each swimmers gave the best effort they had to give with very little background. Our attendance as a group since April 11th-May 25th is 57.6%. If we as a group and a team expect to rise to the elite levels of swimming you must first attend as many practices as offered. The long course season is extremely short, Etown is a week away come to practice and become better.

Senior 2: Senior II had a really good first meet of the season. I know it didn’t seem like it during the meet, but, comparing the results of the meet to actual best times we did quite well. Most adds were reasonably close to actual best times and the group ended up with 65.4% personal records. We fought through a lot of adversity. We lost our last two training sessions prior to the meet due to weather. Converted times? Let’s not talk about converted times. We also had a lot of anxiety to overcome swimming races that we had never swam before, especially for the ones that had their first meet as a 13 & over. But we battled and we raced, and hopefully we learned from the experience. I have a sneaky suspicion that the E-Town meet is going to be a good one with this meet being behind us. The biggest thing that I am proud of from this group is that we surrendered to the uncontrollable we faced this weekend and began to focus on what we could control. A lot of growth came from that. And if we can continue to focus on what we can control (technique, race strategies, underwaters, aggressive turns, showing up, training to compete, and much more) the sky will be the limit on what we can accomplish this summer.

1st Time Swimming in a Long Course Meet:

Amy Ashby Roma

Andrew Carothers

Karter Graves

Charlie Heneman

Andrew Moss

100% Best Times:

Amy Ashby Roma

Andrew Carothers

Karter Graves

Charlie Heneman

Bill McMinn

Andrew Moss

Ella Ratterman

Jameson Seraphine

New Achievements:

Mateo Augusti – 13-14 State Cuts in the 800 Freestyle, 400 IM, 400 Freestyle

200 Backstroke, 200 Freestyle, and 200 Butterfly (also 10/11 best times)

Aidan Albritton – 13-13 State Cuts in the 400 IM, 100 Butterfly, 200 Backstroke, and the

200 Butterfly

Jake Blanford – 13-14 State Cut in the 100 Freestyle

Jack Borraga – 13-14 State Cut in the 200 Breaststroke

Hartley Brinkmoeller – Open State Cuts in the 800 Freestyle and the 200 Breaststroke,

and 13-14 State Cut in the 200 Backstroke

Karter Graves – 13-14 State Cuts in the 200 IM, 100 Backstroke, and the 200


Harper Lawson – 13-14 State Cuts in the 400 IM, 400 Freestyle, and the 200


Eli Mayes – 13-14 State Cuts in the 400 IM and the 50 Freestyle

Bella McWhorter – Open State Cuts in the 800 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle, and the

100 Butterfly

Andrew Moss – 13-14 State Cut in the 50 Freestyle

Jameson Seraphine – 13-14 State Cut in the 200 Butterfly

Swimmer of the Meet for Senior II:

Bill McMinn – Bill went 11 for 11 best times over the weekend with only the 200 Backstroke being an event he hadn’t swam before. Bill achieved Open State Cuts in the 800 Freestyle and the 200 Butterfly. And earned 13-14 State Cuts in the 400 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, 200 IM, and the 200 Backstroke. Bill was also the only Triton swimmer who represented Kentucky Swimming at the Zones Open Water Championships in Florida the weekend before this meet. Bill swam the 5K race in 1 hour and 9 minutes placing 21st in the 13-14 boys’ division. He was also a helpful member of the 13-14 boys 2K Team Pursuit at that meet. To me, Bill’s accomplishments in the lake and pool were overshadowed by some of the things he did to lift up his teammates during the meet. We all know of the struggles we were going through over the weekend. I’m not clear on any of the details and I will leave those between Bill and his teammates, but I do know that Bill was able to provide perspective and encouragement to some swimmers to continue trying and racing in the meet which ended in some great success. Bill, you are awesome! Keep being you. We are grateful for you.

Senior 3: Senior III had an amazing meet over the weekend. Out of the 47 total swims by the nine swimmers representing the group we only had two races ending in added time. The total time added was a mere 17 one-hundredths of a second. As a group, we had a mind blowing 91.5% best times. This group of swimmers never seizes to amaze me when they get to swim meets.

1st Time Swimming in a Long Course Meet:

Ava Adams

Paulo Conde

Nixon Fow

Adyson McFarland

100% Best times:

Ava Adams

Nixon Fow

Christian Goshorn

David Joynt

Adyson McFarland

Alex Roy

New Achievements:

Nixon Fow – National Motivational “B” Times in the 200 IM and 400 Freestyle

David Joynt – National Motivational “B” Time in the 100 Freestyle, 13-14 State Cut in

the 200 Breaststroke

Adyson McFarland – National Motivational “B” Time in the 50 Freestyle

Alex Roy – National Motivational “BB” Time in the 100 Freestyle, National Motivational

“B” Times in the 200 Freestyle and 50 Freestyle

Ryann Thompson – National Motivational “B” Times in the 400 IM, 400 Freestyle, 100

Freestyle, and the 200 IM

Swimmer of the Meet for Senior III:

Claire Buel – Clare was the only swimmer in the group who had previous times in every event that she competed in over the weekend. Clare swam best times in 7 of her 8 races. Dropping a total of 21.13 seconds. Her only hiccup was a 0.12 second add in her 200 IM. Clare’s consistent and persistent work ethic continues to reward her when she steps up onto the starting blocks to race. Awesome job, Clare!

AGP: Blairwood-Triton Tri-Meet-AGP had a great start to the long course season this past weekend. A TON of large time drops. This was my first swim meet with all the new AGP swimmers and I am excited for AGP moving forward. We swam with ENERGY, we swam FAST and we all swam TOGETHER as Team Triton!

The following swimmers had best times in their events this weekend from last summer:

Ansley Brinkmoeller-50, 100 & 200 Free, 100 & 50 Back, 50 & 100 Breast, and 50 Fly

Charlotte Dawkins- 200 IM, 200, 100 & 50 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast, and 50 & 100 Fly

Lucy Evans-200, 100 & 50 Free, 50 & 100 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Fly

Anna Grugel-100 Back, 50 & 100 Breast, 50 & 100 Free 50 Fly and 50 Back. She swam the 200 Free for the first time-Long Course!

Amelia Jackson-100 Back, 100 Breast, 100 Free and 50 Fly

Kai Paige-50, 100 & 200 Free, 50 & 100 Breast, 50 Back and 50 Fly. Kai also dropped a whopping 1 min and 5 seconds in her 100 Breast!

Madeline Peyton-200 IM, 200 100 and 50 Free, 100 & 50 Back, 100 & 50 Breast, 50 Fly

Evy Seifert-200 IM, 200, 100 & 50 Free, 50 & 100 Breast, 50 Fly, 50 Back

Lana Shapero- 100 Free, 100 Breast, 50 & 100 Fly

Rory Wildman-200, 100 & 50 Free, 100 & 50 Back, 50 Fly, 50 & 100 Breast

Robbie Burgin-200 IM, 100 and 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 & 100 Free, 100 & 50 Fly

Logan Brown swam all Long Course events for the first time ever and has all best times!

Colby Johnson-200, 100 & 50 Free, 100 & 50 Back, 100 Breast, 50 Fly

Zander Vlahos-100 & 50 Back, 100 & 50 Free, 100 & 50 Breast,

The Following swimmers swam the 400 Free for the first time ever AND (* indicates) obtained the State Cut:

Charlotte Dawkins*

Lucy Evans*

Anna Grugel

Kai Paige*

Madeline Peyton*

Evy Seifert*

Rory Wildman*

Robbie Burgin*

Zander Vlahos*

Logan Brown

Also, Jake Mattingly grabbed three 13-14 State Cuts over the weekend and nearly missed on two more. Great weekend of swimming Jake and all of AGP!

Keep up the hard work! Triton Strong #ALLIN

Gold: My first long course meet with Gold and I think they did great! We had a few swimmers do their first meet long course and they crushed it! I was so happy to see that there were so many best times; and there were even quite a few state cuts made! I had a fun time being outside (until the storm hit lol) and I hope the kids did as well. We have to continue to work on some details, such as doing longer underwaters, faster flip turns, and not breathing off the walls.

We had 27 Swimmers do 190 events with 182 BEST TIMES (95.8%).

State Cuts:

Asher Albritton (100 BACK)

Abigail Coty (50 BREAST)

Jamie Lewis (50, 100, & 200 FREE, 100 BACK, 50 & 100 BREAST, 200 IM)

Collin Liu (50 & 100 BREAST)

Emerson Northup (100 FLY)

Luke Northup (100 & 200 FREE, 100 BACK, 200 IM)

Carter Schardein (100 FREE, 100 BACK, 100 FLY)

Swimmers with 100% of best times:

Asher Albritton

Abigail Coty

Isabella Freeland

Ellie Giles

Beckham Gravil

Lyla Hottman

James Hu

Elizabeth Joynt

Ann Kellie

Mia Knight

Elise LeGare

Jamie Lewis

Emerson Northup

Luke Northup

Jackson Ogburn

Bricen Pechauer

Sarah Reed

Austin Shaheen

Kallie Vickers

Annabelle Wilson

Zoe Zheng

First long course meet:

Isabella Freeland

Ellie Giles

Ann Kellie

Emerson Northup

Luke Northup

Jackson Ogburn

Cooper Sutherland

Annabelle Wilson

Silver: This last weekend was our first long course meet of the season. All silver swimmers who swam did an awesome job. We had 25 swimmers from Silver swim and many of the swimmers this was their first time ever swimming a long course meet. Seeing everyone compete and trying their best was great to see. They have been training hard and I can’t wait to see how well they do coming up in our next swim meet. Claire Liu got the 8 under 200 free Team Record! Such a great accomplishment!

State cuts:

Zackary Vlahos: 100 free, 50 back, 50 fly, and 50 free.

Biggest time drop:

Madison Couch: 100 free: dropped 12.40

Adelynn Craft: 100 free: dropped 34.33

Henry Dicken: 100 free: dropped 10.82

Violet Evans: 100 breast: dropped 13.85

Vera Gravil: 50 fly: dropped 8.54

Edison HU: 100 free: dropped 33.73

Adalyn Knight: 100 free: dropped 15.74

Claire Liu: 100 fly: dropped 36.47

Aubrey McWhorter: 100 back: dropped 12.25

Lennox Robertson: 100 back: dropped 10.92

Zackary Vlahos: 50 fly: dropped 16.91

First Long course meet with Triton:

Aiden Ashby Roma

Campbell Brown

Tyani Cruz

Larissa Dapello

Aubrey Dawkins

Leah Ferrell

Westin Jones

Sean Northup

Kinlee Ropple

Wyatt Thompson

Polly White

Ellen Wingard

Best times in all events:

Zackary Vlahos: 4/4

Lennox Robertson:6/6

Aubrey McWhorter: 6/6

Claire Liu: 7/7

Adalyn Knight: 5/5

Edison HU:3/3

Vera Gravil: 4/4

Violet Evans: 7/7

Henry Dicken: 7/7

Adelynn Craft: 5/5

Madison Couch: 7/7

Bronze & Pre-Comp:

100% Best Times

Charlotte Bohannon

Hannah Kannapel

Emma Kellie

Eliana Saing

Andrew Coty

Maci Couch

Advik Kaithi

Zoey Vlahos

Personal Best Swim’s

Charley Dicken – 83% - 100 Back + 100 Fly + 100 Free + 50 Back + 50 Free

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