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Triton is a premier year round competitive swim program dedicated to the long-term athletic development and success of swimmers. Since 2000, Triton Swimming has taught, trained, and motivated hundreds of swimmers through all levels of competition. At every stage, we integrate concepts to promote higher self-esteem, personal accountability, self-motivation, goal setting, and achievement in both training and competition.

Triton Swimming is recognized as a Silver Medal Club and Level 4 Club by USA Swimming. Triton has produced multiple Jr National Team members and Olympic Trial swimmers. 


• We are a committed to creating an enjoyable swimming environment for swimmers and families.

• We recognize every individual has value and adds to the success of our organization.  

• We encourage positive mental attitudes and mutual respect.

• We teach and help in the development of life skills.

• We seek to empower young people to be champions in life through excellence in swimming.

• We strive to help swimmers grow and succeed to the highest level, including the Olympic Dream.

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